Dublin Junior A Football Championship (JFC A) 2017


BK beat Towers


Great achievement by Ballymun if they were to do back to back


Lowering expectations ?


Hahaha, ah look, we’ll be favs, but ya couldn’t rule anything out on the day


Great achievement by both sides to get the final… OPER should win this with a bit to spare. They seem to be racking up big scores against Div 5 sides… I would fear for BK in this one.


Ballymun for the double 3 points clear in the league


what odds are you giving me on Plunketts


:grinning: They could end up with nothing this season. Lucan really only a point behind and they play Plunkets (Div 4) which is a tough ask but still they are in a good position for this time of the season.


Odd’s are pending Time & Venue.

Any idea when final will be?


Fixed on master fixture plan as August 27 for next round of championships, but Dublin will be playing that day if they get to Semis without losing which would move it to Mid Sept, unless Dublin make it to the final, which would move it to end Sept :wink:


Unless they play them on the Saturday!


I’d say the Saturday be perfect. Plunketts are in the final of the B too so I’d guess they’ll push for a double header in Parnell


Do they play those finals on a Saturday?


I’ve lost a few. They’re reasonably flexible in terms of playing them because there are so few teams involved


they played the junior A and B final in 2015 the day before the ALL ireland final in parnell


No doubt with the Co Board involved you will be waiting weeks for a confirmed date!


When we won the B Champo in 2013 it was played as a double header in Parnell with the A final.
Dublin played (and beat Kerry) in AI semi final the next day.


Two good games there


Just looking at CCC fixtures sent out up to Aug 27th…Harps have AFL5 games on the Tuesday & Sunday.

Plunketts have an AFL6 game on the Tuesday as well as an AFL4 game on the Wednesday & Ballymun have AFL6 on Tuesday & Sunday.


Surely the County board will do ALL 3 clubs involved a favour :eyes: any idea of a venue?? Surely not O’Toole Pk of a Friday evening