Dublin Junior A Football Championship (JFC A) 2017


My prediction is looking good


is your prediction that one of the highest ranked teams will win the championship? Not exactly ground breaking to be fair


I’ve actually predicted the team too. It’s seismic because everyone said I’d be wrong


everyone always says you’re wrong :grinning:


You said Raheny or OPER. Your original assertion was a div 4 team would win and everyone else wasting their time. It’d be the equivalent of saying one of Dublin or Kerry will win the all Ireland so not that insightful in fairness


Thanks Rico . I’m suitably chastised now. I think in future I’ll go outside when I want to fart

It was as observant as your one that Sylvesters are somehow a threat to Vincent’s in the SFC.


Complete opposite actually. I said an underdog would give the reigning champs a game of it. You on the other hand tipped the two favourites and were looking for recognition that it may actually come to pass.


Yes but you never defined a game of it . I nailed my colours to the Mast
Could be anything from a ten point defeat to a point . It’s the Jamie Redknapp analysis . Be as vague as possible so it can’t fall within the realms of being wrong
We are a bit more cultured on this forum then the general English beer swilling yobbo soccer fan

I’m going for a fart outside now …global warming is a myth anyway


I wish I was as brilliant as you.


So do I.

You’re crap. :wink:


Many are called few are chosen.


That’s the award for most hypocritical post of the year sorted anyway.


It’s only June Rico. Give it time kid …


@TheLoneRanger You said teams that aren’t in AFL4 are wasting their time…if my calculations are correct 2/8 Quarter finalists weren’t in AFL4 and only 1 AFL4 team in the semis.


We only deal with winners here… this is Dublin not Mayo.


Was home and away last year anyway so doubt it’s changed.


Am I correct in saying that both boden and clondalkin are in DIV 5 and mun are DIV 6?


Yes, that my understanding too. Plunketts are Div 4 which makes a mockery of the championship.


Plunketts seem to be on some run in A,B and D JFC’s. Very rare that you’d see that.
In final of 1, semi of another and have won 1st 3 rounds in D by >20 points in each game.


Plunketts beat Boden