Dublin Junior A Football Championship (JFC A) 2017


When are the round of games after this one?


13th or 15th June I think


who are the 3 teams??


Brigids,Raheny and Round Towers Clondalkin


Ballymun 1-10 TSS 1-08


Plunketts beat MoW by 1


Ballyboden 4 goals and 11 points St periginges 3 goals and 9 points


Na Fianna 2-11 Crokes 0-16


I was at the Na Fianna Crokes Game this morning and witnessed a refereeing performance as bad as the one witnessed yesterday in Parnell Pk (SFC SOPER v Castleknock)…

Our friend this morning witnessed a deliberate foot trip by Na Fianna Corner Forward and allowed advantage and play on which was ok. He then went back during next break in play and issued a YELLOW Card for a text book, reason for introduction rule for Black Cards. Our offending Corner forward went on to score the winning goal when he should have been benched… Inconsistancy is a pain in the bench seat !!!


Beaten by 'Mun yesterday in a great game of ball.
Made some uncharacteristic errors coming out of defence that gifted them two points that won them the game. 'Mun are a seriously good team that could get to the final provided the draw is kind to them.


It was a cracking game in fairness. Looked like the age profile played a big part in the closing stages too, some of your key position players looked to tire. Thanks for your kind words. It was quite a tough but sporting game I would have said. Fair play lad!


No. 2 played quite well for us though didn’t he (Cough Cough :slight_smile:)? The No. 21 that came on did some amount of damage alright, some pace on him.


I see Alan o brien played. Club legend.


Him going off injured had a huge bearing on us in the second half.


Ballymun 0-15 NF 2-08


Ballyboden 2-10 Raheny 2-7


Do we know the SF draw?


As far as I know, Boden play Plunkett’s and RTC play Ballymun.

Plunkett’s have to be serious favourites now.


Ye top seeded team remaining so you would have to imagine so - AFL4


Would it be neutral venue or home advantage for the semis in this comp??