Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2018


Any news of venues yet.


Marks and Cuala at home


Really wide open now, on paper you’d have to fancy Scoil but there’s just no counting out Marks now after there win against Syl’s.

Cuala and Clontarf will be a tight one IMO, i’d give a slight edge to Cuala


Is it not neutral venues ?


Hasn’t been in recent years


So I believe but think it’s changed this year for the semi finals all neutral venues but I could be wrong.


O’Toole Park is the Venue


Two very interesting matches on Saturday. Can’t see there being too much between the teams in both matches.

I just hope that the second game is not ruined by the referee who has that habit


Agree completely. Very inconsistent which is the frustrating thing!


He is a hero in our club.He awarded boden a free in the last second of injury time in the senior B final a couple of years ago,our keeper saved, free taker scored the rebound but he had said the free was the last puck of the game So the goal didn’t stand, not often you get them breaks so he is a hero .


Generally speaking how many weeks between the semi final and the final?


Normally 2


Ht marks 0-8 scoil 0-6. Marks look the more composed side , had the wind in the first half. Dotsy mid but hanging around the half back line. Marks with dotsy, Sean McCann and John Kelly old wise heads might just win it


Last min marks deflected goal from a 21 free. Scoil probably should of been out of sight in the second half . Extra time.


Scoil 1-18 marks 0- 21 draw after extra time.


Good man on d’updates, @Southdublin. Cheers.


Clontarf pipped by Cuala. A late placed ball for them hit the post, came down and was deflected into the net. Dreadful for us. Cruel way to lose. Good luck to Cuala in the final.


Sounded like two great games today. Cuala winning their last two games by a point is the sign of a fight till the death team.

I would be delighted to see Marks win this out. They have come back from nowhere and are an inspiration to any club either on the up or going through a rough patch


Had some great battles with marks at senior over the years. Dotsy, Kelly and the Rabbites were all exceptional hurlers for them. Not sure if the rabbittes are still around?*

  • I fear the pun police may be called soon


I think the rabbites were playing, one defo was anyways. Marks are a very dogged team very hard to break down, they have done a very good to rebuild that team. Dotsy was quiet enough looked like he was carrying a knock, John Kelly was excellent for them. They will need a few more younger lads to take over the mantle though to progress over the next few years.