Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2018


Not that easy to set one up nowadays. Very difficult to get playing pitches and those that are insured for a start.



Can only be a dream to have numbers like that though. Instead of chasing after lads who are only half arsed about togging out on a Sunday morning/afternoon.


Syls, Clontarf, Isle’s and Kevins are my picks.


Out of interest why not Scoil? They are an AHL2 team and are doing ok.


Its more of a chance pick to be honest. I just reckon if there is going to be an upset this will be it. Scoil should win on paper but their results have not been as convincing.

Out of there 5 championship games so far, the two games they won were against Fingallians (bottom of AHL3) and Erins Isle( AHL2), They have lost to Judes and drew with Vinnies (both AHL4) and drew with Syls (AHL3)

Kevins have being putting up big scores in their group, and just fancy them at home to cause an upset

On a side note, i reckon the winner of this comp will be an AHL 3 team. Syls or Clontarf


I’d agree re Kevin’s and Scoil. Kevin’s will be very difficult to beat at home and Scoils championship form hasn’t been overly convincing. Kevin’s championship team is very different to their league team too… few lads opted out of league this year due to various commitments I believe.

I think Vins vs Clontarf could be a cracker - clontarf really up and coming and could be dark horses for this championship

Would back isles to beat cuala based on the fact that they must have lost a few of their better players to 1st team

Syls should have too much for Marks


Always interesting to hear people’s views … I agree on Syls. They have walked the league this year which included a number of senior B championship teams. Not so sure about Clontarf. I’ve seen them play and they are a good side, but they need a bit more time. Kevin’s have the ability to beat anyone when they are on form. Brian Og Flannery and David Reid are very strong and Gilroy should be looking at them (bu I doubt he will). However Scoil have got the better of them over the past few years. Home advantage may impact the game though. I wouldn’t underestimate. They’ve done well this yr and Dotsy has missed a lot of games. However, I think Isles and Cuala will be the interesting game… not sure if I’d call it an upset if a AHL2 team beats an AHL4 team.


I wouldn’t say syls walked the league, there wasn’t much separating the 3 or 4 top teams in the end. But they will be far too strong for Marks at home. Kevin’s seem to be coming into some form of late with a strong win against towers last week, but I suspect towers were not a full strength. Scoil should still win this by 5/6 points. I’d just about go with Clontarf and isles in the other two games. Clontarf are an upcoming club at adult level, they seem to now have a steady stream of minors coming through into adult level each year. Cuala like many second teams are a totally different opposition than league, but isles should just about shade this one.


Have been to see a lot of these teams play this year and last. Scoil very physical, Kevins won’t bow down to that either so I expect that game to have lots of bite to it.

Syls would be my favourites also. They won it a few years ago and only dropped down to Senior B last year. They have 1-2 new very good starters out of U21 this year so expect them to win this and go back up.


dropped down from Senior B


Syls V Marks
Kevin’s V Scoil
Vins V Clontarf
Cuala V Isles.

Predictions in bold.

Syls and Scoil favorites as overall winners in my opinion.

I think Vinnies V Clontarf will be the game of the weekend for me, I’m giving Vinnies the edge based on the depth of the squad.
Cuala and Isles could also be a close one, Isle’s the tougher team to beat IMO


They didn’t have too many togged out on Saturday against Isles. Wonder had their senior team playing at the same time have any bearing on this?



Its tough going that, wears you out, focus on the young lads, bring them into the team from below. Ive been there mate


My predictions:

Syls to beat Marks
Clontarf to beat Vincent’s
Erin’s Isle to beat Cuala *
Kevin’s to beat Scoil *

  • = surprise win.


Scoil beat Kevin’s by 6


Marks won by 5…2-17 to 1-15! Marks forwards ran riot in second half


Cuala beat Isles 1-18 to 2-14.

If any Cuala lads on here were at the match they will surely agree that a ladies football referee from a club who do not hurl should not be reffing adult hurling matches.

Congrats to Cuala. And we’ll done to Marks. Fantastic win


Don’t just leave it at that what annoyed you