Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2018


Master fixture list says Sunday 23rd but I assume it’s open to change like most other things!


Games will be played over the weekend of the week ending Sunday 23/09.


If Syls and Scoil both win will they not play each other in Semi Final?


Syls V Marks
Kevin’s V Scoil
Vins V Clontarf
Cuala V Isles.


Scoil came 3rd


You are correct. I thought Scoil finished second in their group


I’ll stick with one of the two as the winners


What’s the predictions for the shock?


I’ll go for 3 away wins from the 4 quarters


Marks will hardly beat Syls :wink:


So Isles to beat Cuala… very safe shock. The defibs won’t be required :blush:


Isles very lucky to get out of the group. Fingallians should have beaten them as should Vincents. Syls and Scoil beat them well. The last time the two played each other Cuala gave Isles a hiding in Finglas. So that’s why I’d have Cuala as strong favourites.

But it’s all about opinions and we know what the craic is with them


Isles have every chance of beating Cuala. Div 4 v Div 2 When going gets tough Isles won’t be wanting!


Cuala were a lot stronger at the start of the year. They have most likely lost a few players as their AHL1 team were missing a few. Will be interesting to see the outcome of an AHL2 team against an All-Ireland winning club, but AHL4 team


Not too many second teams who play Senior B or Intermediate championship are the same panels that play division 3/4/5


Cuala have been missing so many all year hard to imagine that their second team haven’t suffered. Can’t see an upset!!


I was at an AHL 9 match between the two clubs a few weeks ago. Cuala had 28 players togged out. Staggering numbers for what is a 4th or 5th team.

Isles had about 30 togged out for the junior final last year v Marks. They had about 16 togged out v Vincents at the weekend. That is a big drop off for a main panel.

Should be a very good game regardless


Hopefully they all got their game… Otherwise they’ll be lost. They probably need another team. Fair play to them.


Another club out that direction more like it


Definitely need another club formed asap .