Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2018


Used to be top four from each group, 1st plays 4th from other group etc.


Think that’s still the way it goes


Very good win for Clontarf. Cuala were putting up some big scores before that game.

Would Cuala have lost a few lads to travelling for the Summer?

Both groups 3rd and 4th spots up for grabs going into the last round. Judes beating Scoil in group one means that 2nd to 6th spots are still to play for


Any result for peregrines v Crokes or was it played?


Any date floating around yet for Quarter-Finals? Will probably be mid / late September.


QF Sunday 23rd September. SF Sunday 7th October. Final w/e 20/21st October!


Fixtures for this weekend


Was the Peregrines/Crokes match ever played?


No, I’d imagine it’ll have to be in the next 10 days.


Isles and Vincents drew


clontarf beat marks by 6


Syls and Scoil drew too.

I make the 1/4s as follows:
Syls vs Marks
Cuala vs Isles
Vincents vs Clontarf
Kevins vs Scoil

First teams with home advantage. Down for Sunday 23rd

Peregrines vs Crokes will only decide who will have home advantage in the relegation playoff


4 interesting ties. We might see a shock or two


Who would the favorites be?


Syls? You’d imagine Cuala have lost a few to the Snrs


I said Scoil at the start and changed my mind to Sylvesters after their performances in the league. They are on opposite sides of the draw so it’s between them for me.


Yeah was thinking the same myself. Syls very impressive in the league. I saw Scoil last year and they looked strong. Was surprised to see them come third in their group. Kevin’s will give them a good rattle though :slight_smile:


Some very good draws alright, very hard to pick an overall. Champo always has some upsets.


Are these games on a Sunday?


Think its only fixed tomorrow night sneakers. Looks like half 5 on the sat though.