Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2018


Looks very good when put that way!

What would the Junior A look like without any second teams?


There’s not a huge difference on the senior B and inter teams you’ve proposed so it wouldn’t have a major impact. Maybe a few of the lesser experienced intermediate teams might struggle, but there are a good few inter teams that would be able to mix it at senior B also… What is the logic of doing this (in football and hurling)? Will it encourage lads to join lower graded clubs to better their chances of playing 1st team football/ hurling? Eg. Geraldine Moran’s and Stars of Erin might pick up a few stronger players who would have went to Crokes/Olaf’s/Cuala?


I don’t see the reason behind the change. Looking at the results from this year championships, most games at both Senior B and Inter levels were very competitive. Having the large clubs involved, raises the overall standards and in my opinion is good for all clubs. Surely it is up to all clubs to raise the standard.
I would leave the current system as it is, let the best teams come to the top. Raheny and Maurs are good examples of clubs promoted recently as a result of hard work and well done to them…


Is something similar the reason why Cuala didn’t play Faughs to represent Dublin in intermediate championship. Only senior team in club can represent Dublin???


Larger catchment areas resulting in much bigger (active) membership sizes gives some clubs disproportionate advantages over others to the point that, in my opinion, there should be a number of championships confined to 1st teams only, similar to football.


Only a clubs first team can play in Leinster


IMO the next best teams in the county need to be competing in the Senior B. The gap is miles too big as it is. In other counties, incoming intermediate champions (Our Senior B equivalent) on occasion have made the senior semi final and even the final the following year. Can you ever imagine that happening in the current format? Not a snowballs chance in hell. The status quo is 2 up from Senior B hang on for dear life when they go up. Theres the odd exception, Crumlin, Judes and NaF spring to mind as teams who were in senior B for a bit in the last 10 years but went up and held their own and pushed on in senior A.

If the big clubs 2nd team is good enough to play senior B they should not be excluded as it would only weaken the competition in my view.