Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2018


Game is now being played in Chanel at 2pm




Well done marks.


Cuala won 2-16 to 2-10.


Congrats to Cuala. Hard luck to Marks


2 finals in a row Marks lost hard luck tough to take


Is it the first time the Junior A Finalists made it to the Intermediate final the following year?

Very hard to take but they must be on the right track.


Very proud of all the lads in Mark’s they gave everything just came up a little short


Great to see the lads up in senior B but very hard to see same team lose both finals in consecutive years. Hopefully next year they do well and hold onto the same team. Which is an aging team.
Congratulations to Cuala great turn around and second half performance.


Congratulations to Cuala and hard luck to St Mark’s though it’s great to see them on the rise again.

I’ve been a huge admirer of what Cuala have achieved in hurling over the last decade, or so, culminating in winning two All-Ireland SH titles. A question has to be raised, in my opinion (and this is NOT a go at Cuala, it’s not their fault), but is it now time for the hurling championships at adult level to adapt the same formats as in the football, as in introducing “reserve” intermediate and junior championships? Cuala probably had quite a few lads playing Intermediate Championship this year who aren’t too far off the standard of their clubmates on their All-Ireland winning teams. If the system in place for football is deemed good enough, surely it’s worth trialling in hurling for 2 or 3 years.


Excuse my lack of knowledge of football structures, what is the difference in the format in football?


In brief, a clubs second team cannot take part in the normal inter / junior championship. There is a separate championship for those teams.


We/Raheny lost the 2016 Inter final and won the 2017 Senior B


And what a performance it was in the final because Whitehall where a very good team in senior B


Marks won Inter in 2005 and Senior “B” in 2006 also


The new format worked really well in the football this year with Thomas Davis v St Marys and Naomh Barrog v Round Towers Lusk in the Senior B and Intermediate finals. All 4 participants were obviously first teams and the games seemed to be bigger occasions as a result.

Absolutely worth consideration at the very least for Hurling but I think we might find that clubs like Kilmacud Crokes, Ballyboden,Na Fianna and Cuala would be playing at levels well below their ability in terms of a reserve championship. Considering Crokes lost in the senior B semi, boden have been in Senior B finals in years gone by and both Cuala and Na Fianna have been in the Intermediate finals over the last two years so have moved up to Senior B. Moving these 4 second teams down from Senior B all the way to “All County” would be counter productive for the panellists on each team and could affect numbers.


The Intermediate all-county Football Championship (involving 2nd teams from the likes of Crokes, Ballymun, Ballyboden, Na Fianna, etc) was probably a stronger level than the IFC and maybe some of the teams in the SFC B competition. I think the same would apply in hurling so I wouldn’t be too concerned. I think it is certainly worth trialling.


I agree it is worth trialling and i’m actually in favour of it. I’m just pointing out some differences. I think in football there were more second/third teams to create the “all county” championships. We have to remember also that the football competitions were reduced in size from 32 to 16 but the hurling championships are already at 16 max from Senior to Intermediate. Removing second teams therefore means promoting teams who haven’t won that right. For example removing Boden , Na Fianna etc from senior B would mean the DCB would have to promote teams from Inter who couldn’t even make the final?


Be interesting if this was to be proposed. I think the number of teams in the Senior B and Intermediate would be better off at 10

Senior B for me would be
Round Towers
St Pats
Thomas Davis
St Marks

St Maurs
St Finians/Commercials

Between Senior B/Intermediate/Junior A there would be enough 2nd teams to have a competitive all county championship

Na Fianna

Not sure if all clubs would go with it though


Well put together.