Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2018




Maybe some things have been moved


Final is fixed for rathcoole Sun 28th at 2pm. Very poor venue choice for an inter hurling final. Nothing on in O’Toole Park and the junior 2 football the curtain raiser to the senior football final.


That is shocking. An awful pitch to play any game on never mind a county final


Access to O’Toole Park is restricted because of Dublin City Marathon passing nearby on the Sunday.


Surely there’s a better venue than that with adequate facilities. Parnells etc.


Or a pitch that isn’t a hill


:joy::joy::joy: that aswel


Terrible venue for what is a huge final for both sets of players. Understandably the DCB have to squeeze it in as the replayed semi final is causing a delay but as mentioned Parnells or even Margaretts, Peregrines, Balgriffen etc all much better venues.


Balgriffen is awful … pitch is too small and a hill on it and dressing rooms are shocking


It’s been a while since I was there but thought it would have improved since there are often senior football games on the pitch. Surely it is still a better option than Rathcoole.


If it’s good enough for the greatest football team of all time, then …


Ur thinking of Finians Newcastle ??
Rathcoole is commercials, horrendous county final venue


Given the teams involved, Peregrines pitch could be a easy solution. Dare I say The Naul, huge set up and fine pitch. Be quite novel too having a county hurling final out there.


No i was replying to Pastit who said Balgriffen is awful. But as DUB09 pointed out — its good enough to be the base for the Dublin Senior Football team.


The replay for the semi final between Cuala and Scoil Ui Chonnail was originally fixed for Drumnigh which is Trinity Gaeles pitch. Another ground more than capable of hosting the final of this competition. DCB swithced it to O’Toole Park so maybe there will be a 13th hour move for the final also.


Its a lovely pitch, but its small, not great for hurling


We played up there a few weeks ago in a Senior hurling championship match and it’s some set up from dressing rooms, warm up area, pitch etc it’s perfect and should be used more


What about Naomn Barrog’s pitch and clubhouse?


There is plenty of suitable alternatives. Though I think Parnells would be the best venue for it. Hopefully they have a rethink, last years final was a Friday night in Parnell park no reason that can’t be done either. Although If it’s set for Sunday it should probably remain on the Sunday now…