Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2017


I’m sure the keepers won’t fancy trying to pick the ball out of the air with the floodlights half blinding them


Won’t fancy picking them out of the net either :grinning:


20 Oct


Parnell Park Na Fianna-Thomas Davis Sean McCarthy

Who are favourites for this one?


Davis 4/7 in bookies,m


Didn’t know you could back on Inter in the championship


Davis are Division 3 so should win this but NaFianna beat Scoil I Chonaill in the Semi so they must be good although I believe Sean Currie won that match for them and he might not be available with minor semi final on Sunday.


With the amount of minor championship wins Na Fianna have had in the last 5 years I’d have thought they would manage without Currie. He gets an extra days rest with the game being tonight he might see some game time


Sure Con has played in the lower levels too . These clubs will do anything to win


Davis beat na Fianna by a point


Congrats to TD


Well done to the men from Tallaght.


Good to see TD keeping hurling flying in the area wher DCB should be focusing a lot more resources


Well done to TD. Na fianna still not getting over the line at adult level. It should happen soon.




Raheny v Thomas Davis, Leinster playoff, abbotstown 8pm tonight


Absolutely ridiculous fixture this one. How are Raheny not just automatically given the honour of representing Dublin as intermediate champions.


What? Davis won the intermediate championship though ?


The Senior B is the second highest grade. What Davis won is effectively a junior championship in any other county


What used to happen was that the senior B champions represented Dublin in Inter, Inter champions represented Dublin in Junior championship and Junior champions represented Dublin in special junior championship. But I think Dublin teams ended up winning that a lot so were taken out of it.

It has been a playoff the last few seasons between inter and Senior B the last few seasons.

Dublin are the only county that have their 4th championship winners in Leinster.


Half time, Davis 2-8 raheny 0-6