Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2017


Thats disgraceful


Time mix up I hear. Daft.


Simple text solves that problem


Yes , 20 second call to the ref solves that .


That’s disgrace. Is it not up to home side to call ref and opposition before game ?




To make sure that the Ref is attending the game and to ensure that there is no mixup


Think he was referring to Fins match not being played.


I see Mearnog were bet. That’s them down to Junior A. Huge fall from grace considering they were Senior A within the last 10 years. Sylvestres demoted from Senior B to Intermediate too. Both clubs right beside each other and struggling in hurling compared to football, something gone badly wrong there.


Is it two teams down and two up? I always thought you had to win a championship to be promoted?


No, both finalists promoted


That’s only a requirement at juvenile level


The practice of checking in with Refs a day or two before games is recommended by CCC


Maybe the fact that there are more clubs playing in the area means they are sturggling to pick up player from outside? I know my old time mates would have played for Slys over the years due to lack of hurling in Rush/Lusk? Not saying Mearnogs/Syls were trying to pooch players, more a case of them being the only outlet


Na Fianna beat Scoil by 5pts this evening


Davis beat pereguines by 2


Was that match on grass on all weather? Congrats to TD and Na Fianna


It was played on the grass


Final fixed Friday 20th at 7.30pm in Parnell Park. Poor enough from Co Board to fix a County final for a Friday evening. Puts lads under serious pressure with work etc!! Plus hurling under lights is just not the same for me…


Ah so Na Fianna got their way. Players wedding on the Saturday so I believe