Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2017


It’s a pity these teams will be waiting weeks for the final.


Still crying three years later? Why didn’t you object to him three years ago?


Why is there so much animosity on this site


Who is in the relegation side of things?


Boden v Fingallians is one. I know Kevins are in the other one.
It has been a tight championship. Not much in any of our round robin games.


Kevins and Mearnog are in the other relegation game


Fingallians a club on the rise, footballers promoted to D2 and in senior championship.

Hurlers doing well in the inter championship.

About time Swords had a club to represent it properly


Totally agree considering population growth.


I wouldn’t call being in a relegation battle in the championship going well, they also had some of their best players looking to leave last year but they are going well in ahl 4 and have a great chance to win it


Did the players leave in the end?


Compared to where they were a relegation battle in Senior is progress in my eyes.


Your point about them going well in the championship isn’t true as they are in a relegation game so that’s not progress in my eyes.

I don’t think so @sneakersotoole


No they didnt, their from Maurs originally anyway, not Fingallians.


Seems 1 particular poster is involved in most of it


Surely to jaysus winning the inter champo last year and getting promoted to division 2 constitutes progress.

I’m no major fan of Finns as I think they’ve underperfomed for years, but it is undeniable they are improving.


Parish is talking about hurling. Your talking about football.


Fingallians beat Isles in the relegation playoff for the 2016 season. They are back in the relegation playoff for the 2017 season. Some people won’t call that progress but I expect them to beat Ballyboden and stay up again. If they beat Na Fianna in their league game they should win their league. They are a very young side who should stabilise over the next year or two. Not sure what they are like at juvenile but I think they have one or two teams in division one leagues which is good progress


Na Fianna v Scoil off no ref


Fingallians / Ballyboden in the relegation game wasn’t played.


Some shambles