Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2017


Mearnog and Fingallians drew 2-16 each.


Fingallians go through on head to head over Crokes I presume?


3 teams on four points, so it looks like Fins lose out by a point on score diff?


I obviously cannot read numbers correctly. I thought Vincents had 5 points


A point is rough on score diff after 5 games :see_no_evil:


So does that make it:
Thomas Davis vs Crokes
Scoil vs Vinnies
Na Fianna vs Clontarf
Peregrines vs Cuala


Clontarf v nafianna to be played this Saturday. Pergerines v Cuala was also set a few weeks ago for this sat but seems to be gone from Hill16 now.


If they are pulling games does it mean they are going to have a playoff to see who goes through instead of score difference?


why is this the only game going ahead this weekend do you know?


Peregrines quarter final now off. Presume for Eric Lowndes. Could be a long time before it’s played.


group 2 only decided last night. Crokes went through after a draw between Mearnog and Fingallians. Alanoc answered why Peregrines match is off but you would wonder when Lowdnes last played hurling for his club. It does not make sense for just 1 match to go ahead from this group. I presume NaFianna could get this game pulled too if they wanted to . Looks like IHC and SHC will be run off in the mud in October and November.


According to twitter, NaFianna beat clontarf by a point after extra time in the 1st quarter final.


Crokes lost to Scoil Ui Chonaill tonight in quarter final


Thomas Davis 3-13 St Vincent’s 3-06.


Thomas Davis flying


I think either Thomas Davis or Scoil ui Chonaill will win this, both 3rd division teams and both scored a lot in the group stages.


Once someone like Con O Callaghan doesn’t appear in the final …


Must be 3 years ago at this stage


Pretty sure he wont get away with it this year Bart :joy::joy:


Still he made a little bit of an impact … on the day :joy: