Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2017


Was impressed with him last year for 21s and did a good job this year also at fb.


Con o Callaghan had the night off


Did his cruciate in between, so very impressive to be in the senior squad after coming back from that.


Thought the same. Very physical player. He was well able for Kilkenny’s Liam Blanchfield.


That’s just an urban myth


Did yoy know there are no such things as urban myths?


Urban hyms? Maybe






Many country lads with Scoil for the hurling Bart?


Eat my shorts


The final game from group 2 was originally to be played yesterday but seems to have moved to 16th of August. Will quarter finals still now go ahead on the 19th? 3rd and 4th places depend on the result of this match with Crokes in limbo for the next month!


What is the hold up with the game in the first place? County football involved at all?


hope not or it could be a while before it gets played.


Who goes through in the likely event of equal points? Is it head to head or points difference?


Head to head


I’ve seen matches called off for similar


The death of a player’s parent


My apologies, post deleted, awful news.


Anyone heard anything re the 1/4 finals date?