Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2017


Hard to fathom alright


Does anyone know what happens if teams are level on points after all games are played? does it go to head to head or just score difference?


As a neutral it’s great to see scoil hurling well and improving year on year.
Clontarf manager on their line with the hurl in hand was an embarrassment, encroaching on pitch pointing fingers/hurl at scoil players calling them scumbags will get them nowhere.
Clontarf not physical or quick enough but happy to start some off the ball handbags


are you sure you’re neutral Christy? :wink:


Ex Clontarf manager I reckon


head to head then points


so with kevins and ballyboden on the same points at the moment if both win their last game kevins finish 4th considering they have beat boden already?


Correct sir.


Clontarf look downtheir noses at most teams nothing new there


Boden 2-8 Cuala 0.15


Nah he already posts here :wink:


Does anyone know when knockout matches start as final group games were played last night. It looks like Thomas Davis and Na Fianna topped the groups but all results are not up yet on hill 16 .


Mearnog’s/Fingallians wasn’t on so that’ll hold things up presumably


That was a fair hiding Scoil gave Cuala. 5-16 to 0-12. Cuala must have lost a few students for the summer?


They played Brigids in Div 1 league last night with not many of the AI winning team there.


do they have someone involved with Dublin senior panel?


they do but his name escapes me


Is it Hendriken? I may have spelled that wrong


that’s the one


Close :wink: Hendricken, called up to the senior panel a couple of weeks ago. On the bench against Laois.