Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2018


Fancy Lusk to win it. 4/7 Fav’s.


Hope your right but Paddy got the semi finals wrong


Good luck to everyone involved fancy lusk by 3/4 Dec Patton doing a good job there possible automatic promotion and inter champs


Wishful thinking on my part but are dubstv showing it and Sen B after?
Barrog must be thrilled as nobody giving them a hope so all the pressure on Lusk. Im going to add to it as having seen both teams feel Lusk have bit too much. All on the day though and best of luck to both.


From my understanding the senior b is being shown not sure about the inter , hopefully it is would be a great coverage


0-9 barrog
0-5 RTL

25 gone


Barrog 0.10 lusk 0.07

Barrog well the better team, 3 point deficit flatters lusk. Don’t know what the lusk management is thinking, massive wind and they are playing with 13 men in their own half.


10-07 HT to barrog, Lusk being bullied so far all over the pitch


Wind is switching a bit. Going more across the field now. Back to a 2 point gap


Lusk far more attacking this half, barrog have dropped their intensity. Barrog still leading by a point


0.11 a piece
52 gone


Cracker of a game. 13 all

Ref very finicky on the steps


Extra time!


13 each. Extra time


Lusk a goal up at half in extra time. Goal was a penalty


Lusk win 1.18 to 0.15. Great turnaround after a poor first half. Subs made a difference. Best team won.


What a result! It took us until the 2nd half to start playing, but it was some turnaround after half time. I think superior fitness told in extra time. Hard luck Barrog. Well done Towers, looking forward to a few pints in the club shortly!


Well done Towers, great year had. Howley is a cracking footballer


Congrats to Towers - senior football! Should be a great night!


Congrats to Lusk. A fantastic achievement. Commiserations to Barrog.
Not quite the hammering that that loon (rtl-whatever) had forecast.