Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2018


Could be a big year for Lusk , getting promoted to senior league and championship would be a huge landmark , have they ever played that high a grade before ? If I’d to pick who will win the final I’d go with lusk but it’s championship and anything so happen so hopefully just a great game


The club has never played senior in its 112 year history. Your right it would be huge. As someone said earlier Leo and the lads saved the club a few years ago.


I believe they went two years unbeaten in the league a few years back before spending a year or so in division 3? I know they’ve had a few good minor teams with the like of howley in it who’s a great talent , great to see the hard work of some people finally be rewarded !


Will Maurs get behind ye do ya think?


In fairness I’d say they would


We wont! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jokes aside, I’m sure we all will. Good to see the local area doing well. Will try make it next weekend to final, should be two good games.


Great to see the North County going so well - great football people!


Thread cleaned up so we can talk about football.




Fairly outlandish and bold claim, considering the record of Kerry/Cork teams in the Inter/Junior All ireland series.


I’m sorry, which bit?


that they’d win 3 club AI routinely.


They would though, under new Dublin championship formatting if SFCB winners played Leinster they would be roughly the 10th best team in Dublin compared to under the old format where arguably the 30th or so best team represented Dublin in Leinster (for example Boughal representing last year and reaching prov final despite getting nowhere near IFC final).

I know SFCB winners do not progress to Leinster


That’s oulandish…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Do both Inter finalists get promoted?


Don’t think so


What a big week for players from both clubs. I think the DCB decision to change the championship formats this year has been proved to be the correct one. Two first teams contesting what should be a great Intermediate Final. Senior B has been competitive too. Praise where due, well done to club delegates and the DCB for getting the change through!

It should be a good game on Saturday and may the best team win!


Best of luck to all of the players and management of Round Towers Lusk, in the championship final tomorrow.
As @Daithimor mentioned previously, it’s going to be the biggest day in our club’s 112 year history. Towers abú!


Best of luck to towers


Best of luck to the lads. Should be a good game. Jimmy Barrett knows how to prepare a team so Barrog will be tough as nails.