Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2018


Incredible that Scoil have never got to a final never mind won this championship. For a team consistently in the higher leagues their IFC record is shocking. Can’t blame the big bad clubs this year either.


While Lusk played very well on Saturday, and were by far the better team, Barrog played very well in the bit of their game that I saw. They didn’t panic when Barrs came chipping away at their lead, and experience was key. I can see the final (and the league game, whenever that is played), being very close. Obviously, I’m hoping for 2 Towers victories! It’s uncharted territory for our lads though…


Where is the final being held?


Not announced yet, as far as I know.


Barrs were a little unlucky. It was nip and tuck all through the first half and then two goals in a minute (both from rebounds after good saves!) left them with a 7 point deficit in the blink of an eye. To their credit they didn’t panic and were much the better team for the second half bringing it back to level but credit too to Barrog for not panicking themselves and winning the late penalty that got them over the line. I strongly fancy RTL though. If I’m not mistaken JG senior was an interested spectator on Saturday.


funny I thought the saves should have been pushed away from danger and not blocked into play which created the chance for the rebound scores on both occasions. Barrs also got lucky with the first peno which was a really poor effort. I was looking forward to see how they would play having read here about them against boughal but they never looked like cutting through the barrog fb line and creating goal chances


JG as in Jim Gavin? Did any player on any of the 4 participants in the semi finals stand out enough to be considered? The intermediate championship has in years gone by had the likes of Mick Fitsimon, Ciaran Kilkenny and Paul Flynn playing in it.


Bryan Cullen may have captained Dublin while playing in it…IIRC


Correct, same year, 2011


Saturday 27th October at 15:30 in Parnell Park followed by Senior B Final at 17:30


28th is Sunday?


Sorry Saturday 27th


A great occasion ahead for Lusk, this is the result of years of groundwork by Leo Neary and his team. Brian Heffernan spent years training this team, he was an excellent trainer and influence around the club. Without these people Lusk would still be in the doldrums of division 5 football. The coach this year has made calls not everyone would agree with but you can’t argue with the results so far. 2 big games against Barrog who are a very good side. It will be a great game in 2 weeks in Parnell, hopefully Lusk do it. Come on the Towers!


Is their a playoff between senior B and inter to represent Dublin like their is in hurling ?


Not this year anyway.


This really pisses me off…they called it the Senior B because all of the clubs in it were so desperate to call themselves “Senior” clubs…so how about they play the A champs to progress that way…Senior clubs until it doesn’t suit…
Cant have your cake and eat it lads…

Also, the reason the Leinster council (or whichever makes these determinations) decide on which champo winner goes where, is based on the standard of the game in your county. Its why the Kilkenny football champs don’t go into the Senior.

If this was allowed, the Dublin Snr B champs would walk to an Inter AI almost every year. I mean the difference between TD (should they win) and Ballyboughal (last year’s rep) is massive.


I disagree with you. If its the 2nd tier championship, its effectively intermediate regardless of what its called. I don’t think there should be a playoff but the winners of the inter (which is in effect junior) should represent Dublin at junior level


We’ll if it looks like a duck…lets call it a duck.

I get your point, but Dublin would win all three club AI’s almost routinely (IMO). I personally don’t think that is good for the club game in general.

For this to work, as you suggest, I think they would have to expand the comps back up from 16 to at least 20 (maybe 24) team.


He reminds me of the mad young fella that used to post from Mearnogs! Class


Best of luck to both teams in the final. It should be a great occasion. It fully vindicates (in my opinion) the restructuring of the championships. The B and C teams of other clubs still have their own competitive championships to play for.