Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2018


Plenty of foresight and planning! Don’t forget that Junior is a grade too. The plan is to relegate the bye down through the grades until it reaches the bottom junior grade.
The problem with neutral venues is that while every club wishes to play important games in neutral grounds very few of them will allow their ground to be used as one, citing pressure of use by their own juvenile and adult football, hurling, Camogie and Ladies football teams for training and matches. There is also the selfish, but understandable, reason given that having developed and maintained their pitch Clubs don’t want to see it cut up by teams from other clubs.
There was a time that letting a pitch out as a neutral venue could be justified by the increased takings in the bar but that is no longer the case due to the fear of being caught drink driving.


Don’t buy that . Easier option less hassle . Ask the 8 teams involved to give grounds simple . Barrog hold Lusk v counsel etc . What clubs did they ask , what clubs refused ???


Relagating the bye won’t happen all the way to last chapionship as formats will be changed by then, and not a chance yous wouldn’t be able to organise 4 neutral venues for Q/finals for this grade, lazy again from county board, one thing after another


That would be thinking, don’t be so silly


That’s it easier less hassle get the fixtures done and dusted that’s all that matters . Inter championship and junior for that matter is as important to them clubs and players as senior . Total lack of respect given to it


playing a neutral qf in the bogies … no thanks if I was a club involved




You need 4 grounds max. Lusk , barrog , O tooles , pats , ballyboughal , scoil all good grounds capable of holding championship games . Pure laziness and no given a shite


Na fianna div2 league fixed for same day and time as Na fianna senior q/f . Another example of not given a toss . God forbid anyone would want to go support their club in important championship game . Loads of examples of fixture makers not given a toss once fixed fulfilled


What about Galtymore Rd :sunglasses:


exactly :slight_smile:


St Peregrine’s ground would be ideal as a neutral ground, also.
Inisfails, too.


I think its fair to say that the order for preference for the venue for the QF of the IFC would be as follows;

  1. Neutral venue
  2. Group winners (incentivise this, seems reasonable)
  3. Haphazardly draw teams out of a hat and give the first team drawn home advantage…what actually happened.

But its done now, so lets look at what are 4 very enticing fixtures…
For me, the 8 best teams are probably represented (You could argue GC based on league position, but having seen them recently, they have the forwards to trouble anyone IMO)

You could say Boughal are slight fav’s, with a home draw, their league position and last years run in Leinster, but Barrs were right on their toes in the league last year and BB have lost at home in the champo already this year.
RTL probably slight favourites also, but as above, no gimme (bit of extra spice following the league game too perhaps).
The other two games are “pick-um’s” IMO.


The two relegation matches, do both losers go down or are they semi finals with ultimately one team going down? Cheers


Only winner of JFC1 goes up - so only 1 team goes down.


Any odds up for these games?


Odds up now with powers


1.Neutral venue
2.Group winners (incentivise this, seems reasonable)
3.Haphazardly draw teams out of a hat and give the first team drawn home advantage…what actually happened.

100% on the above

Would also be of the opinion that of the 8 QFinalists, at least 5 grounds are more than capable of hosting a double header. No reason why they couldn’t have fixed the games on any 4 of those, and not have any team playing at home. Its basic planning and minimal effort, which shows the actual effort that was put into option 3 above. Pathetic stuff


Can someone post a screenshot of DIFC odds


The 4 inter q/f’s are on this screenshot, I hope!