Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2018


Anyone got the dates


Will be two weeks time


Is there dates set for q/f semi and final


Weekend of 30th Sept for 1/4 finals


Weekends of:

30th Sept Q Final
14th Oct Semi
28th Oct final


Fair play


Dublin GAA
Intermediate Football Championship 1/4 Final Draw:


Naomh Barrog v




Some are maybe slight favourites but any of those teams should be looking to go far.



All games at 17.00 on Saturday 29th September.


Relegation here



Not neutral venues for inter q/f that’s a joke


Thats a shambles. Could’ve easily ran 2 double headers in any adequate club ground (of which there are many).


Ye joke showing no respect at all for it


Would have been a sensible option alright.
Never mind, we’ll put the kettle on for you out in Lusk (And stock the bar!) :sunglasses:


So RT Lusk are favorites even though Ballyboughal did quite well upsetting Emo in Leinster Inter last year?


That is an absolute ‘■■■■ You’ from the county board to the Intermediate Championship.

How the ■■■■ can you not put a Quarter Final in a neutral ground.

Some reward for finishing top of your group, to end up playing away in a Q/F because the other team got pulled out of the hat first ?

That is absolute bullshit


Ohm-eo Ohm-eo where art thou getting those odds from Ohm-eo?


He never got over it … our Emo …



Here we go again…another case of total lack of foresight and planning!!!

They have scheduled relegation games when there is no relegation from Senior 2 (to fill the bye at that level). Therefore this champo will lose the winner (promoted), and not gain a team coming down.
Thus creating a bye for next year…

These relegation games should be canceled…it would only take one year and then there would be no bye’s in Sen A, Sen B, or Inter going forward!


championship seriously diluted in quality etc this year in my opinion without clubs second teams