Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2017


Surely Paul Curran cost money in the past?


Not sure what you mean by supplements? None of the teams get their food prepared for them like the county teams if that’s what you mean.
S&C coach for pre season and a physio on match days is about it.

As for equipment, just footballs and bibs- there’s no great secret formula! Lads minding themselves and what they eat/drink is a huge part of the preparation.


Also it’s a bit rich to suggest club members wouldn’t be aware of it, but you somehow are? Come on now


Were you aware a very well known coach from another discipline spoke to your senior footballers recently ?


None ? Are you including all clubs in that or just your own . Because if it’s all clubs you’re wrong


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I’ve seen all the club accounts for the year Paul was there, he got very basic expenses, and nothing more, there was absolutely no where near tens of thousands spent.


Attack the post Rochey .


Please share with us all the cost of that talk.


Why? You spen your time here attacking everything just for kicks. I certainly won’t do what you tell me.


From my own experiences to run a Senior team at the very basic level you won’t get much change out of €8/ €10k and that’s without anyone getting expenses.


I was asking specifically about the cost of the talk that Bart was referring to. He was trying to prove a point of money being spent over and above the norm at the top 6 clubs, and that he may be privy to such information that club members are not. He’s gone quiet though because he either doesn’t know the answer to my question or he does and knows the answer doesn’t back up the claim in this instance that he was trying to make.


I don’t fly kites. I leave that to the dreamers


Is this the Intermediate Championship thread?


Yep. Not sure what that’s got to do with anything though.



There is the makings of a great game show on this site.

You get a couple of panels together with quasi-celebrities (Twink, Glenda Gilson, Mary Whelan, Johnny Logan) and they start at the bottom post and work up to see if they can guess what the thread is about.

Obviously the nearer you get to the start it should become clearer but you’d have your work cut out on most topics trying to work out wtf they started out as … :smirk:


But some clubs are spending a lot more than others and always have and will do in the future.

I would love to spend money like some clubs on food, analysis etc but I can’t as ive other priorities where the money is spent on e.g training facilities that some clubs don’t have to as they have their own floodlights etc.


To bring it back to the IFC …and away from the contrarian babble of the misinformed…

Could someone shed light on the process that is involved in fixing replays etc.

Is it one person (or a couple of people) battling through the logistics of same, or does it require some sort of panel or committee?

Obviously RTL and KC was fixed relatively quickly, maybe due to the fact that it was played a couple of days before NB/Barrs, so they could satisfy the notice period requirement…?

Any insights welcome…i think both teams would really like (and deserve) to know when it is on (or likely) more than a few days in advance.


Don’t be silly. There are no threads about games and championships any more. We just have to name threads that way otherwise there would be just one thread on the site


Dual players the problem with the two Naomhs. Not an issue with other game.