Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2017


Really slippy surface and bad fog didn’t help, Davis only scored a point in 2nd half, led 5-1 at half time


Anyone have any insight or know if there is a precedence as to when the RTL/KC and the NB/NF replays are likely to take place…

My feeling is we may have to wait until the next champo block in the calendar (sept/oct), but with no real county involvement (correct me if I’m wrong) I wonder if it could be squeezed in at a random time in between.

How much notice is required??


Four days notice required for replays and it may be verbal notice. Five days written notice required for all other fixtures.


Any idea why? Were all games not down for ET?


Ref decided light was insufficient. Both teams wanted to play, but it was fairly poxy!


Fair enough I suppose.


RTL and Crokes replay fixed for Balgriffin next Thu 18 May at 19.15. No details on 2nd replay yet.


Why is next round of this championship not due to be played until dubs out of championship, since there are no players involved in both?


At a guess, maybe hurlers…??


Is there not one player on the Dublin panel from an intermediate or junior club? First time I can remember that happening in a while


Very Difficult for them . Top 6 clubs at senior level operate at professional level with thousands of euro spent on preparation
Inter and junior clubs cannot train at the same level . So unless players are coming through the development squads and have access to the professional training they can’t make the gap up really


I would actually argue the introduction of development squads has stopped that.

All of the young players coming into the panel in recent years come from traditionally very small clubs, players who play for clubs that would be among the weakest in the SFC… Costello, Lowndes, D.Byrne from Olafs, S.Carthy of Mearnog,

Players generally get called up to the senior panel on the basis of their performances with u21 and in some cases minor Dublin panels.

Not many nowadays who get called up purely on their club form, S.Carthy of Vins being the only major one. Mannion helped himself break in with a very good SFC but apart from that Gavin doesn’t seem to be picking on the basis of SFC form. 2 of the four semi-finalists from last year only have one player on the panel, Vins have 2 outfield and Mun the exception.


I’d suggest reading my post . All players you mention came through our professional system


Sorry thought you said coming through professional setups at clubs!


Dublin development squads are professional when the training volume is considered .


Can’t speak for every club but there’s certainly not tens of thousands spent on our senior teams for the simple reason we don’t have it to spend.

It doesn’t cost anything to eat healthily and stretch daily which is a massive part of senior club players preparations. Most of the prep work done these days is done on an individual basis away from the team sessions. Too easy to just put it down to money; attitudes, dedication and lifestyle is a huge part of it.


Between Sand C , supplements , physios, equipment and the rest … its just become an arms race .
In fairness it could be coming from private backers as it typically does . Hence why club members wouldn’t be aware of it


Well you couldn’t be further from the truth regarding us. We do not spend anywhere near tens of thousands on our senior team every year at all. That’s a fact. Not speculative rambling


It’s not rambling .


Well it’s not fact! Call it what you like