Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2017


Yeah a bit younger - looked a lot younger than Vins to me.

They definitely will have a few of them on the senior team in coming years. We were talking about that last night. Other than no 10 Galvin didn’t see any other Vins player capable of stepping up.


Naf had good mixture of youth as well as experience


Bad result and hard on players/Mgmt but Na Fianna excellent.
if IF can feed 1 or 2 players every so often in vincents SF panel, that’s the focus. Craig wilson, McCusker and Albert Martin have come through in recent years.
A lot of good internediate footballers (some even possible senior panellists) rightly focusing on SH - Moore, Garlan etc - some as they were prominent when Vincents won IFC only 2 years ago.
All that said, na Fianna certainly performing far better at underage but likes of U16’s indicate that fallow years have been somewhat reversed.


That inter performance showed why there are a lot of grumbles within the club regarding the lack of footballers coming through in recent years.
The majority of better players coming through are hurlers and are not allowed play any football other than senior, that will lead to the senior team falling back in a few years without imports. Na Fianna’s class at underage hasn’t yet shone through at senior but their adult football structure as a whole is in a much better place than Vinnies currently.

There was a good mix of youth and experience in both sides, I would say the experienced Vinnies lads have been around a bit longer than the Na Fianna ones. The big difference was just the class of younger player. If I was looking purely at that performance last night I would say that only Galvin would get into the Na Fianna team, he would probably make their senior team. I am sure he will push on in Vincents and has played a couple of AFL1 games and been on the bench for both senior champo games.
Having seen a few of the others play over the years I wouldn’t completely write them all off.


No indeed - would never write anyone off after a bad day at the office but agree that Lorcan Galvin was the only one who stood out for Vins last night. He was excellent.


Na Fianna were a different class last night, unreal performance.

Vincents awful, Lorcan Galvin the only player who looked to be on an upward curve last night.

He’s a talented young lad no doubt.

Na Fianna well conditioned and pacey, do people feel they have a chance of winning this championship?

Hard to judge fairly playing such a poor side last night


That Na Fianna Inter team have had the same traits for 5/6 years now bags of pace young lads trying to impress to get a call up 1st team, with the 1st team being knocked out they may have one or two more to call on and they can beat any team on there day…


vincents looked like a junior B outfit compared to na fianna.think this competition will be between crokes/lusk,na fianna adn the winners of the barrog and finbarrs game


They are the only AFL 2 team left AND have the pick of eligible senior players remaining…

They are clear favourites for this Champo IMO


You’ll be lucky to get 3 senior players of that U16 team . And you might get none . I think a lot more evidence required before you could say the process has been reversed especially with your senior hurling team on the rise


Ahead of a Dublin senior , 2 dublin u21s , Adam caffrey etc ? He’d be doing well for a start


I said he would probably make the senior team, hardly saying he would be a definite starter. You are right, he would be doing very well to start but from what I have seen of him he is capable for senior football. I reckon had the inters lost the first round in champo he might have seen game time for the seniors.


Davis beat Cuala by 1


Anyone know the result of Naomh Barrog and the Barrs?


Finished 1-10 each no ET


6-5 must’ve been a cracker :flushed:


Barrog and Barrs a draw. No ET played

TD 06-05 cuala.


Boughal beat Brigids



Was about to post this!. Taught it was a donegal v donegal affair!