Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2017


I’m not sure on that rule. The Quinns have always played with Counsel. Think for hurling at underage they had to transfer to Kevin and Crumlin over the years when Counsel didn’t have a team in their age group. I think we might see a similar situation to Mary/Commercials with the clubs joining forces where all the footballers play with Counsel and all hurlers togging with Crumlin.


Transferred to Kevins…sort of…:joy::joy:


Not the first time it has happened. The Ryan brothers play(ed) hurling with O’Tooles and football, one with St Finians Swords and the other with Erins Isle


Forgot that. I thought when Dotsie transferred to Boden for hurling he wasn’t allowed to play football for Marks?


Where a club plays both games they are, in most cases in Dublin, for the purposes of rules two separate clubs. They are affiliated as a hurling club and as a football club. Therefore a person can be a member of one " club" but not of the other if that is their wish.
In Dotsies case he played championship football with Ballyboden while he was there so it must be presumed that he transferred for both codes.


Boden will not allow anyone transfer for one code only under local club rules


I remember a Boden resser saying that the club only take transfers of players for both codes…this is why dotsie left marks for both codes


NF 2-12 Vins 2-3 at HT. NF forwards doing some damage. Good open game but younger NF lads won’t let the pace dip. Hard to see them lost this.


3-16 to 2-03. Great goal by young Sean Caffrey who is running amok - Vins on a pasting here


All over. 6-20 to 4-6.
“That would be a paddling.”


An absolute tanking I’d have said


An almighty beating alright - bad result for Vins


NF have a great mix of youth and experience and serious pace all over. Some of these lads will make senior easily enough when they bulk up a bit. Lightning forwards with Caffrey a real talent. The goals they shipped were a major worry though - all four were very poor concessions. Added to 2 poor ones in the 2nd game, perhaps a good defence coach could pick up a bit of work in Mobhi Rd some time soon …


6-20 though …


Yeah - shooting lights out alright. Shane Cloherty stuck over some great frees. I reckon they didn’t have a wide for about a 40 min period. Vins were very poor tho.


Presumably when/if dubs lose in line with SFC?


Vins team very young. The team that won two years ago was dismantled last year with a lot of the older lads gone and the senior hurlers too. A lot of the Vincents team still U21. A very early piece of work in progress.


I’d say the NF team was a lot younger.


A lot younger than U21?

Fair play to them.

Probably should have had a few on the senior team :wink:


In fairness the difference in sheer class was obvious . the na fianna team looked even younger