Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2017


Boughal – Brigids
Clann Mhuire – Trinity
Crokes- Lusk
Na Fianna – Vinnies
Barrog – Finbarrs
St Marks – Garda
Judes- Counsel

All games to be reasonably tight. I don’t envisage any hidings being dished out.


How is there 3 byes in the relegation?


I think it’s because in the original draw, there were 13 games in round 1, with 3 teams receiving a bye into round 2. Therefore after those 13 games, the 13 winners go into round 2, along with the 3 teams that received a bye. That means there are also 13 losers, who go into the relegation, so 3 byes are needed, to bring the total back up to 16 (to allow straight knockout in subsequent rounds).
Mind you, it’s the type of bye that you don’t want to get, as in the relegation championship, you want to win a match asap, and not have to play in any further rounds!


doesn’t a bye here = safety…8 teams progress forwards, not backwards.


Boughal - BRIGIDS
CROKES - lusk
NA FIANNA - Vincent’s
BARROG - Barrs
Marks - GARDA
CUALA - Davis
JUDES - Counsel

Very little between a lot of the teams though and any of them could go either way.


Maybe so, but wouldn’t that leave just 5 losing teams going through to the next round of the relegation, which would mean more byes?


Yes, 3 “semi finalists” and two “quarter finalists” (loser goes to “semi”)

Why bother with relegation…??
Surely they should just seek to reduce the byes…
providing we get a Jnr A champ that can be promoted…


Agreed. Think it’s poised for an excellent championship. At least 10 of the remaining teams will have real ambitions of winning it out. Bucking the overall trend I’ve a feeling that the winners will come from a clubs second team this year with crokes and na fianna being the fore runners.


From having seen most the teams over the past few years I would have Na Fianna down as favourites. Having said that I would of said that about Scoil before the first round!


What divisions are these teams in does anyone know?


NaF are 2 (won 3 last year)
Trinity, Cuala, TD, Counsel, Judes are 4
Rest are 3 (10 teams)



would ballymun not of been one of the favs before last saturday last years finalists??


Maybe. Lusk are very good though.


wont be an easy game for crokes anyways lusk could be the team to watch this year


Boughal - Brigids
Clann Mhuire - Trinity
Crokes - Lusk
NA Fianna - Vincent’s
Naomh Barrog - Finbarrs
Marks - Gards
Cuala - Thomas Davis
St. Judes - Good Councel


Wondering that myself.

Is it back to the old way of lose and into relegation or is this the B championship with the wrong name on the picture?


It’s supposed to be both…win (or bye) and progress to B champo last 8.

Lose and progress to last 5 relegation (although I don’t see why they would do relegation with 3 byes there in the champo proper…)


My understanding is that there is no relegation until all the byes are gone. This was said a few years ago.


Fairly sure there is not relegation in intermediate as they are trying to bring it up to 32 teams first