Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2017


Oh silly me, thought it was tonight


Boughal bet Emo by 2. Well done to them. They play Curraha of Meath next Saturday in semi final


Was at it - very enjoyable. Great club, great people, greet win. Gerry is a serious bit of stuff. Curragha a very good side but will be rooting for the North County Men!


Mr Seaver is ours, hands off!!! :slight_smile:

Delighted for him and all his club. Good skins out there.


Final in Abbottstown tonight. Na Fianna would be favourites, but Judes with Bren Mc, Paul Maguire, Sutcliffe and Joey Donnelly will be a very interesting prospect, should be a good game.


Think Sutcliffe is gone to Boston with Dublin hurlers this morning


I think Na fianna will win with a bit to spare


Have a feeling we might see the real Na Fianna tonight and choke on the big occasion again. Odds on favourite tag doesn’t suit them at all. Best of luck to both teams though.


Yes as they have done in both minor finals and countless other finals this season too - good try. :wink:

Most teams don’t even ever get the chance to choke.

Ps that you Alan?


To twist a quote from Gabriel Byrne in MIller’s Crossing - “when it’s me, you’ll know it” :wink:


Yep all still very good players and would get on a lot of div 1 teams, problem is that they don’t have enough quality to bt na fianna, na fianna have a strong 15 plus a lot of pace in the team, Joey and bren mc will get tired eventually, I’d expect na fianna to pull away in 2nd half and win by 8/9


Ropey start, but two quickfire goals to lead 2-4 to 1-5 at halftime.


Na Fianna 2-13
St Jude’s 1-11

G’wan the Bottlers! :sunglasses:


Congratulations Na Fianna


Congrats Na Fianna. A serious outfit. Better side won on the night but very proud of our lads. it was a much closer game than I was expecting.

No.14 looks a fantastic talent. He was the stand out player tonight.


14 Was Sean Caffrey, son of John.


Surely a county final is more important than a Mickey Mouse hurling game. Club should always come first.


He wasn’t eligible to play tonight. He’s a great club man.


Apologies I thought he was eligible . Did he play senior championship?


I’d assume it’s because he’s just back from his American club?