Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2017


I’d say there still celebrating the junior d win.


What hurling championship have u won or football leauge. I say if u ask most clubs at the start of the year if they could win two things I’m sure they would jump at it.


Judes 0-12 Garda 1-7 AET


All A teams out. All A teams now in play off for the Leinster spot.


You sure that’s what happens? Or if scoil win the inter b will they be put in it?


Don’t think so that’s a bit hard on all 4 teams that have gone the A way.




any match reports from any of these games at the weekend? who’s looking good in the next rounds?


Whens the semi finals wkend of 14th oct is it?


Knocked out of the A in the first round, they are hardly going into leinster :confused:


You were right, boughal to play trinity gaels next Wednesday in balgriffen in playoffs for Leinster. Not sure when or where finbarrs play Garda.


They’re both on in Balgriffin back to back I think


N.a. Fianna game down for Otoole


When is the other semi final being played? Is there any date for the final??


Anyone have any idea when the other semi final will be fixed for, the final is fixed for the 27th/28th/29th weekend. Does anyone know if the county board will stick to this or if they will yet again mess around the club players.


Leinster playoff
Trinity Gaels 3-10
Ballyboughal 5-14

Naomh Fionnbarra 4-15
Garda 0-08


Garda finished with a late goal 1-08


2nd Semi Final scheduled for early November after ank Holiday Weekend


Made all the difference … that goal :joy:


An absolute joke it’ll be over a month till they play another round and the winners of Sunday’s semi, will have to wait around for 3/4 weeks to play again, how in the f**k can they set a date and then go to change it. It is hugely disrespectful to any player who yet again has to cancel holidays or rearrange plans because of this.