Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2017


They took down a div 2 team (who are just above na fianna in the league) in the first round so they obviously had something about them. For na fianna to put up that score against them was a massive statement


O tooles don’t take football seriously in fairness and were well short


I would reckon so until the byes are gone.


That’s definite any team who got a bye in the intermediate ‘B’ are deemed to have lost that game and as there is no relegation in that competition because of the 3 byes those teams are finished with championship for 2017 which is crazy


with the new proposal this debate is irrelevent


Not irrelevant at all to the teams who only got 1 game


I’m not sure there’s any debate here. The point is that a few teams only got one championship game this year- in this day and age that’s a shocking indictment of the DCB.
The new proposals are irrelevant for those teams for this year.


True but I think all that needs to be done to sort that is ensure 16 teams in the senior 1 and so on down to adult 11/12 (junior E or whatever it would come as) and play the group system then QFs etc no need to throw out all the 2nd & 3rd & 4th etc teams of the bigger clubs leave them in & best teams rise to the top by way of competing rather than avoiding. I see the debate about packing teams but it really isn’t that bad big clubs just have a lot of good players but equally one team clubs can have 1 to X amount of players that could be stars on an Afl 1 team so it evens out IMO


The problem in the current structure is that teams from bigger clubs win championships and cannot be promoted because another of their teams are included in the next highest championship. In recent years teams of players ( any one who plays on the winning team in a county final cannot be regarded back to that grade in the following year) have had to sit out championships because they won’t make the higher team panel and can’t play again at the level they won. Eg St Vincent’s IFC 2015.


Tell that to the 50% of Junior teams who had their 1 and only Championship game in April also!
My club for example have 2 Junior teams, both got very tough 1st round draws and both beaten. In the space of 4 hours our entire championship season was done and dusted by late April!


IFC quarter-finals:
Thomas Davis 2-11
Trinity Gaels 0-16

Na Fianna 1-16
Ballyboughal 2-7


Trinity lads will be fairly quiet on here I’d say now …


Saw first half when they were 7-5 up and the better side. Looks like the goals did for them


Any pictures from the Trinity Gaels dressing room ?


Leauge champion’s pal thats what we set out for at the start. Hard to take to nite but we have what we set out for at the start. Weldone to TD and wish them all the best in the next round. We be still here lads for the craic don’t worry not going anywhere.


Hon the lads


No 7 (Deano?) a flyer with some engine.


All joking Aside , a great year , enjoy the League win .


Number 7 was jack row. He was a Dublin minor last year. Number 6 was dean kelly so u might be getting them mixed up.


Ok - I thought that every time the 7 had the ball it was all ‘Deano’ this and ‘Deano’ that.