Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2017


Name that thread!


No babble and no misinformation either . Only the uneducated.


Na fianna will win this championship

End of thread


The word according to Bart “I know it f*****g all” Ranger. The rest of us are underlings and subservient.


Mods can you now close the thread. We can start another one to talk about the money men and the hopes and dreams of the unwashed


I’d be in favour of leaving the thread open for couple more days. I’m expecting that evidence to back up the accusations that:
(1) county board officials deliberately scheduled 1st round IFC matches to favour certain large clubs to enable them to field SF players in IFC before 1st round of SFC
(2) examples of same players (this year or last)

It’s on the way so hold on few more days before closing the shutter on this thread


when is the draw for the next round been made??


You could be right like the way you were when you said Dublin 21s wouldn’t have a chance of winning the all ire


Crokes beat Lusk by 4 pts in replay this evening, 2-12 to 1-11. Lusk 8 down at half time again, and you just can’t do that against a team like Crokes 2 weeks in a row. Best of luck to Crokes in the rest of the competition.


went to this game as a neutral last night fealt crokes were by far the better team could of scored 3 or 4 more goals the full forward from crokes was excellent player who is he?also were very strong in midfield.


Stephen Williams. . . squad player for the Senior 1’s for the last few years. Dont think he has seen any championship action in a good while


good player really ran the show last night very strong


Wednesday 31st May, 2017
Intermediate Football Championship R.2 Replay
Balgriffin 19:15 Naomh Fionnbarra v Naomh Barrog


Naomh Fionnbarra 1-15 Barrog 1-11


Don’t see a reason for this to be held up for the county team. Some interesting ties


As suspected in the B championship the teams that got a bye in the 1st round are deemed to have lost. And one by moved to the next round. 1 game of championship for O’Dwyers & St Margarets this year. Madness.


Nothing short of disgraceful.


Hard to see past NaFianna. Incredible score to put up against a good Vincent’s team in the last round and they may also benefit from a few senior panelists who didn’t feature in the SFC. They’re the clear favourites for me with Crokes having the best chance of stopping them


So does this mean what we thought before and that there is no relegation?


Vins are near the foot of AFL3. So good is probably stretching it. However this is na fiannas to lose and bring out of the junior A and senior competitions will suit them