Dublin Intermediate Football All County Championship (IAC) 2018


Vincents beat ballymun today by 1 to reach final.


Should be a good final. Vincent’s best Judes by a point in the first round of the league and Judes beat Vincent’s by a point in the first group game of the championship.


I’m assuming there is no promotion from this championship?


Just back from a fantastic match , Judes won with last kick of game after Vins had hauled back a 6 point half time lead. Tremendous standard of football, Jude’s top class economy in scoring probably got them over the line, but our lads did the club proud.


Great game. Could have gone either way and disappointing to lose. Struggled to make the one goal chance that was needed but big upside is the 3 or so bright prospects for SF around the back.
Very impressed with conditioning of most of both teams considering they’d be numbers 30+ in each club.
Congrats to judes, sutcliffe made the difference when it came to key tail end of game.


Sounds like it would be safe to say that both panels gave it their all to win this comp, and that it will be a great night for those lads out in Judes.

The new formats have proved a great success in both the Inter and the Inter AC, IMO.

Well done to all involved


Fair play, @rebus2008 and @MarinoMan, gracious in defeat.


Fair dues rebus.

Danny is a better footballer than Schutte too…


Brain freeze…:pensive:… now corrected.
Congrats on the win.
Hard fought and came down to last kick out.
Well ref’d as well.


Any particular standouts for Vincents ?


Was sell reffed. He used play for laois didnt he…

Vinnies had a couple of backs who should push on further…

Judes had 4 or 5 arguably stronger than some who played Monday evening but very hard combine senior hurling and senior football…judes had 3 19 years olds playing which is good to see for future