Dublin hurling - where next?


won two u21s as manager.


didnt manage minors i dont think, Mattie Murphy ran that show for almost 20 years, many have managed u21s alright.


apologies - mattie murphy i’m thinking off


He won 2 all irelands as Galway u21 manager. The guy has a proven track record of managing, you know, hurlers :joy:


i’m not being pedantic but which years did MK manage the galway u21s ???

he was a selector with Cunningham in 2011 they year they bet us in Thurles

Vincent Mullins managed them in 2005 when Mattie also was a selector. I presume it was the same mgmt team in 2007 also when Mullins was in charge again.

by my reading he was a selecotr / coach on all ireland winning u21 teams which is still miles ahead of the competition hurling wise

i’m not dissing mattie just trying to put accurate profile together


Fair point. We’ll save that debate on how to rectify that for another day :wink:
I was gonna say that having Gilroy as hurling manager should help change the landscape at least somewhat in that regard but, in fairness, so too would having Kenny in charge.

Schutte being on the periphery of the periphery of the football squad…surely it wouldn’t take much for him to be attracted back.


I won’t lie, I don’t know, read that earlier I hope it’s not #fakenews


only replied to you as it was last post. i know someone said it earlier…


I would say ‘no’ but try asking a current IC player & they’ll tell you something very different obviously. Especially after the time spent going mainly backwards in the last 3 years.

No idea. Gut feeling would be that it’s not a complete overhaul required. More like a tweaking of what got us back competing at the sharp end of national competitions.

I fear I’m being naive (or pessimistic) in saying this but getting Gilroy on board would help somewhat in having the football forces buy-in to what’s best for hurling. He’d have a much better chance of persuading the football-leaning powers-that-be.


it was on the radio last night i think, also in one of the articles above i think.


We need a freshening up of the panel, eh, with more experienced lads. thats how big a mess things were. But lads like Shane Durkin and Paul Schutte have bags of experience now and should steady the ship in the backs. We’ve some really good young defenders/players but felt that some of them were getting picked despite being in poor enough form because the bench was not there to push them further. Others were rushed in a bit too quickly.

As Lost says above the one benefit is that we’ve quite a few young players now who are blooded and know whats required. I think they’ll really benefit from having a bit more experience about the place - not to mention the physicality we’ve missed.

Like they said in the radio last night A.Quinn looks to be in razor sharp form (6 points from play v Cuala) and has pace so bring him in and see what he can do. Likewise Whitley and Winters scored heavily, if they go well again this weekend then they’ve got to be worth a look.

Danny, Schuttes (x2), Cronin, Durkin, Ryan, I’m sure i’m forgetting more. there’s bags of potential there.


Isnt there supposed ot be some sort of announcement today? Later this evening?


Don’t want to get too involved in the new manager discussion as it is all in vain. Whoever gets it will get my full backing ( once GC not reappointed )

Just to turn the focus towards the team itself and how we will set up how do ye like the look of this spine. Might want to play danny @12 to free him up a bit with Cronin or schutte @11? Youth and pace at midfield the way forward in my opinion. Burke can’t be pinned down to a forwards role. Needs to be out the field with the game in front of him.

3.eoghan o donnell
6.liam rushe
8.cian boland
9.donal burke
11.damny sutcliffe (who will hurl for Dublin next term)
14.mark schutte

And build around that. Goals is a trickle one. Who is the best candidate ?


Won’t hear anything this side of the weekend lads according to the twitter machine




I was told definitely this evening an announcement would be made. Very unlikely at this hour now. Unless the committee are busy watching the Ireland game? :-1:


Surely they’re bored of it by now?


Play Danny 12 and he will be back alright. Was never a doubt and he was always going away also

Is can Boland remotely near ain intercounty midfielder yet ( ever ?)


Not yet. Bags of potential but injury hampered for a long time. Will be great to see Dan back in blue. Hopefully with the right men leading him.


All these delays, indicates a problem?