Dublin hurling - where next?


He has confirmed it to the players.


The players themselves have heard half a dozen names. All speculation. What if Waterford reach/win the AI? McGrath won’t be going anywhere.

I wouldn’t go near him myself.


Me neither. Teachers are odd as f*** …


Tell me about it.

And then there’s the fact that he gave up his job to concentrate on his own county. How will he manage going back to work and commuting to Dublin five times a week!


True - mind you he prob finishes at 2 every day, gets the whole Summer off, a month at Xmas and Easter, a fortnight mid term three times a year and then there’s a 2 or 3 training days each month.


If he was successful I wouldn’t give a fiddlers


He’s a secondary school teacher. Far later finishing time. Makes the travel rather difficult.

It’s all pure speculation anyway.


Wouldn’t bother me travelling if I got off at 4pm every day!


Finishing school at 4 doesn’t mean your work is finished :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You did your best there chief but nobody took the bait…


Sometimes it’s too easy …


I think GC should have gone at the end of last season. The County Board were laughable the way they protested about playing last weekend in Thurlas and then went ahead with club league fixtures from division 1 to 4 at 6.30 last Saturday… To me, it spoke volumes of how much they treat any hurling teams as second class citizens compared to football. Would the same scenario have happened with the football team?? I honestly thought GC’s appointment at the time was a positive step for Dublin hurling but as the games/3 year contract went on was it not obvious to the DCB that things were going backwards?? Would they let the same thing happen to the football team for as long as they did?? No matter who is chosen to take over from GC, surely the first step for the DCB is to treat hurling on a par with the football team if they are serious about hurling in Dublin??? Otherwise, the next appointment, no matter who it is, is just papering over the cracks…


Neighbour made an inquiry of me during the week

" did that ignorant fucker head back to cork yet"

They’re big GC fans here.


Agree with lot of sentiment, but, unfortunately hurlers don’t generate same revenue as footballers.


Nobody has mentioned John Allen!?


People have been banned for less


Symptomatic of his lack of communication with the squad. No announcement until after the AI FFS.

If DCB are waiting till after to see who is availible it would worry me regarding Derek Mcgrath and secondly if the began the process now surely a new man may have some chance of seeing some players in the club championship.


Maybe they have begun the process Liamo?


I think his contract started just after AI in 2014, maybe legal thing.


There’s no legalities. There are no contracts. Not legally enforceable ones anyway. Don’t want mr. taxman involved.

Club championship is almost an irrelevance when it comes to picking inter county players now.

Waiting until the AI is over has nothing to do with Derek McGrath. Every name at this stage is a rumour. Even amongst the players. The only definite is that it will be a new manager.