Dublin hurling - where next?


Agree tayto. It’s important we get a guy that will be able to convince the names mentioned above back hurling. And on top of that the DCB should be doing everything in their power to make sure Chris Bennett , cian boland & peter Kelly get the best treatment between here and next January to ensure their availability. What I imagine will happen is that they will be neglected and left to sort it out for themselves.


Good point these things can happen when there is a gap and no Manager looking after the players interests.


I’m not sure what poor half McBride had really, I thought he was very steady through-out. He was head and shoulders above everyone else at U21, yet they played a sub on that u21 team and a guy who was only decent at best ahead of him on the seniors. It seems to me that he was out of favour for something other then his hurling. Likewise Conroy won us the Cork game, was a bit quiet the next day and then never got a look in, crazy stuff.

But, I agree, with the guys back we can do ok, although I doubt Mark Schutte would come back from the football, once they get a taste of that, it is hard to give it up.

But generally I think trying to pick a manager from outside the fold is nigh on impossible. You have to be there at the interview and here what is said in answer to the questions. I doubt Cunningham was interviewed, it sounds like he was just approached, and that is probably where it went wrong. Personally I would rule no one out at this stage and it is only 6 months in that we can start to tell how it goes. I can see the attraction of a ‘celebrity’ manager now after a horrible year - but maybe at this stage we should move beyond that now and pick the guy who ticks the most boxes. With completely limited knowledge of the candidates I would prefer either Fortune or Boland, but that is with hugely limited knowledge of others and also of any potential baggage people might carry.


Kenny has won an AI club title with a Dublin club . He’s definitely the best man for it


And he has intercounty experience as far as an all Ireland finas also in the locker


Has to be in the running, I quite the idea of him & fortune working together,


Id imagine if Kenny did take it he would bring in his own staff. Cant really force two guys to work together.


Well no, they’d both have to be open to the idea


Kenny for me! As stated already he has won all Ireland with his club! Also he would stand a great chance of talking Con O Callaghan Cronin and Mark Schutte into coming back hurling!


No chance with con but every chance with the others!


Had pleasure of being involved with Fingal last season, very professional set up. One problem was having a set pitch to train on. Ended up having most sessions on a rugby pitch. The effect Fingal had on most clubs involved was amazing and contrary to what some so called Hurling people in Dublin believe. IMO it’s helped grow Hurling in most North County Dublin clubs.
Shame it wasn’t continued, to tell me missing out on promotion to Div 2b on score difference and getting to Nicky Rackard semis wasn’t promoting Hurling in Fingal area is a laugh. When you’ve kids and parents asking you does Fingal have any juvenile Hurling teams.


I agree that it was a great boast for hurling in Fingal. However, it didn’t get the buy in from many of the more senior clubs / players,Some players who did play frequently had a gun put to their heads at times to select club or “county”. This, on the other hand, helped the more junior teams have their own players talents brought to the fore, which could only be a good thing.

The county board didn’t cover themselves in glory either. On the weekend of Fingals Croke Park visit DCB put on a set of club championship fixtures up against it meaning players had to play a club championship match the day before Fingals final, and some.had to dash straight from Croke Park to play in their club championship match. Was it an economic decision to disband the team???

Perhaps efforts should be made in developing and entering U17 teams in the Leinster and National “B” competitions to assist in looking to the raw, undeveloped talent that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Present county board didnt give a shite about it. Sure if they dont care about their county team they hardly would have cared about Fingal.


I’m struggling with this bit…if you have to “convince” lads to come back and wear their county jersey, then I don’t believe they should be there…


convince is possibly not the correct turn of phrase, get buy in from 99% of the potential panel and to iron out any lingering issues there might be from this mess.


That’s a great point. That’s where the powers that be should be putting work into this as soon as possible. Of course he would bring who he wants if he got the job but they’d know each other from county/club scenario and he would likely want/need someone from a Dublin setup and he has been the most successful. Put it to them both asap. Kenny could well be involved with club till later in the year. It certainly makes the most sense and is the best option for me, exactly why it’s unlikely to happen.


I think the problem with The Fingal team is that some clubs have no real chance of progressing at club level if 4-5 of their players aren’t playing with them. The area has come on great at the small ball over the last 10 years or so but it is hard for any up and coming club to make strides at club level if their best players are not available. Take Fingallians at the minute. They are joint top of AHL 4, they would probably have 4-5 at least on the Fingal panel. If they had not got those 4-5 playing club would they be top of that league with a chance of getting themselves playing against better opposition and improving hurling within the club? I think not


Just to put the discussion in a little perspective though, Cork or Wexford could well sneak an All Ireland this year. But with a full team I reckon we could beat either of them, and we have done in the past. So while things could be better, they aren’t horrendous either.


Holders Kilkenny stormed past Wexford in tonight’s Leinster intermediate hurling championship final at Nowlan Park, 1-26 to 1-8.

This was a repeat of last year’s decider, which the Noresiders won by 3-14 to 2-14, but there were real concerns that tonight’s game might not be as close due to the fact that the visitors only managed to scramble a team together at the eleventh hour. And so it proved…

Last nights final (first round, only round!!!) proved how much stock is put into this competition. Shame really.


Disagree re Cork. We couldn’t beat a much weaker Cork team in 2013. They are a lot better now. I think we need to be a bit more realistic where we stand tbh. Even at the height of the ‘good days’ we weren’t beating Munster teams in the Champo - that’s the reality. Cunningham era seems to have brought about some misty eyes which may be blurring vision …