Dublin hurling - where next?



this time last year people in cork were calling the hurling team the worst in a generation.

this year they are saying it about the football team.


Looks like Conor is a reader of this site so :thinking:


They’ve done very well recently all the way up to u18. They have schools competing back in the harty cup again . Very unfortunate at minor level in the last 5 years bearing in mind Munster and Galway have dominated this championship .
I’d seriously question the value of a Leinster and minor u21 championship in comparison to Munster .

Our track record in showing that we can’t beat Galway or Munster teams at minor or u21 proved to me that we have a long way to go .


All good points, I couldn’t argue with any of it…


He left a few out too that we have mentioned and there are some there who shouldn’t . You would wonder has the process started? Meetings taken place? Or is it being left on the back burner. Still feel M Kenny and J Fortune are our best shot without going elsewhere. They both understand the scene, the players etc but often what makes sense won’t happen. If Kenny wants Galway long term then all going well we have a plan in place based on it going well. Boland was part of Cunninghams reign. He may have walked himself, some say he didn’t, but I hope there is a full clear out from that, then possibly in the future it may be appropriate for him but not now. It’s a full clean slate needed to try and mend things.


Eamonn o Shea/ Duignan could always come on board in some capacity if time/travel was an issue.


let Boland achieve club success somewhere ( not necessarily trophies but hugely improve a team) before he can be considered to be a selector in my view.


True but same could be said for Fortune too. Even though he was somewhat successful with 21s in comparison. Working with minors is just not the same. The son thing is also an issue I believe. Just don’t think it’s healthy and we need a fit/injury free Cian Boland back asap.


We may need to contact Doctor Who as well …




I think anyone who was on GC’s backroom team will be in the same regard as GC which is sad to say. When it all is over with it would be interesting to hear what the players who were involved with the set up until the end thought of it all


i would argue Fortune developed what was on paper a less talented u21 team and got them as far as he could, so achieved a lot more,

and no baggage from players disliking him that I know of


O Sheas job precludes him from being an option


What Cork have as well is good scoring forwards. If you have good scoring forwards you will always have a chance of winning big games & competing for titles, once your defence can be reasonably solid.
That’s why in my opinion we are light years away from winning or competing for an All-Ireland. Unfortunately I just don’t see any Alan Cadogans, Seamus Harnadys, Patrick Horgans etc. on any underage or adult Dublin Hurling teams. We seem to be producing a lot of functional players with a degree of talent but none with the real cut or dash that the top teams possess and I don’t think any of the players we lost to football would have turned out to be really top class forwards either. There’s problems somewhere in the development of hurlers in Dublin, maybe too much structure & emphasis on the athletic side of the game? I don’t know the answer but we just don’t seem to produce any real off the cuff hurlers. Are the development squads to regimental/structured? Players get into them at a young age and almost see themselves as a County Hurler from then on sometimes largely ignoring their clubs. Would these young lads be better off in the more relaxed environment of their clubs, learning & perfecting the skills in a more off the cuff, less structured environment?
As I said I don’t the answer but something has to change in my opinion.


Con o Callaghan as a full time hurler would be starting for Kilkenny and Cork .
A full forward line of con , Kilkenny and Costello and we’d be dining with tipp and Galway this year
We lost all our underage star forwards to football. We could easily have given up some defenders .


Maybe give Ger another chance?


Sorry but Bart is spot on here. I lived in Cork in 2011/2012, in Blackrock. The Rockies are hurling only and know their stuff. At that stage Frank Murphy had grudgingly allowed for the putting together of underage dev squads. He had refused prior to that as he believed a county with 200 clubs shouldn’t need development squads…and he was too mean to fund them. So Cork have given Dublin, Kilkenny etc a 15 year headstart with development squads. Since 2011 Cork have done exceptionally well in the underage competitions from Arrabawn down to Forristal. They are coming like a train. Donal Og was entirely correct in everything he said. They are starting to win underage titles in hurling and they won’t stop. It is ALL about getting lads hurling/thinking as fast as they can, as young as they can and winning is vital for confidence. We need to rethink what we are doing. We should have won a minor All Ireland by now and we have failed to because we have failed to develop and retain a sufficient number of scoring forwards, especially goal-scoring ones.


I used to work a lot in Cork and the amount of kids you’d see with hurls was unbelievable . Even in 2008 after Munster won the Heineken cup I can’t recall ever seeing anyone with a rugby ball
To be fair in Dublin now you do see it so it gives me hope . But it’s a recent thing - hurling is ingrained in corks fabric


That’s the biggest issue. We’re already fighting the drain of drink, wimin and football without losing experienced hurlers like Shane Durkin way before his time. Lads like that have a huge value to a group, in terms of helping younger players to bed in.