Dublin hurling - where next?


Sorry for double posting but going back to a name I posted a few minutes ago, Liam Ryan. Jesus he’d be a great man to get in. Automatically respected by any player or manager that walks in the dressing room, a warrior on the pitch.

Liam actually done a lot of work with the current crop of Parnells lads as a teacher out that way. So he’s well able to coach. He’s played the big days he knows every top hurler in the club game. Be a huge asset to have in the set up


Agree, and with inclusion of Liam Ryan. Gilroy would bring a complete different mindset to the panel.


I’ve more chance . Hilarious thread


Good man Bart! The only sound now is tumbleweed blowing through the village…! Seconds away, round 2​:rofl::sunglasses:


What price is Mc Gregor again ? Humphrey Kellie her ? Or maybe Babs. May as well throw them in


Roddy Collins at 40 to 1. At least he’s a native.


Took 562 replies to find the thread hilarious?


People are only saying who they’d like to see get the job, don’t see what’s wrong with that. Better than people claiming to be in the know re Kenny or McGrath etc when really nobody has a clue what’s going to happen.
I’d be confident Gilroy would do an excellent job, as an organiser and someone who knows what a set up requires to win an all ireland. That’s all he needs really, the coaches are brought in to build on talent available. In terms of tactics in preparation for games and in the heat of the moment of a game he’d prob need guidance there as to my knowledge he hasn’t been the man in charge of any hurling side at a high level.


Has taken a couple of training session with our senior hurling team in the last couple of months absolutely brilliant a great lad


KELLEHER is from Waterford Bart. The football part by my reckoning.


That’s a good shout ! At least have Ryan involved in some capacity .

Liam Ryan / Pat Gilroy .


One thing we could be sure of with gilroy is whatever shite is goin on behind de scenes and whoever is part of it … It would stop which is absolute non negotiable starter for anyone after the past 2 year mess … I still feel gilroy utterly changed the culture of dublin football and he leaves a legacy for which he never got full credit … More than anything the hurling needs that right now for board , players and back up team … Get the right field expertise with him n it really can work I feel …


Fellas it would be insanity .


Having him involved maybe. But being a nice fella, good for a few sessions with club…We need far more than that. Love to see him involved with some underage teams first.


I don’t know about Gilroy but Liam brings everything you need in a selector to the table experience respect has done it all as a player also played under some amount of top managers what I can say is every session he done with our lads was as good as I have seen


I think o tooles would want him to step up to management in the next year or two anyone that has played with or against Liam will tell you he is a nice lad of the pitch but is as tough as they come on it


Great idea for him first. Would be great to see. Warrior on the pitch in fairness to him and still going too…


This is a job where a squad has to be put back together . It’s not your vanilla standard inter county job where there is a ready made squad
Can’t get this appointment wrong . It’s too big a gamble at this stage .


And who would make the calls on the line? It would hardly be someone with no hurling management other than a juvenile side.

All this talk of x coming in to coach with this and that fella is all nonsense as whoever is going to come in will bring their own back room team in that they’ve worked with before and know well not someone they don’t know. You might get one or two lads max that have been involved with the set up before and know the players that the current manager wouldn’t really know but that’s it.


Track record?