Dublin hurling - where next?


I was just looking on paddy power, Daly is as short as 11/4 with them…

Good to see Kenny a strong favourite all the same,even if it doesn’t mean much.


Interesting to see Derek Mc grath …


Sure Paddy does be checking out this site before putting the odds on club championship games so with Mc Grath being mentioned a lot here he was bound to be high on the list


There seems to be more than idle speculation in relation to Daly. If he’s available at 5/1 take it.


Another guy at 5/1 where there is also more then idle speculation


I heard dalos name mentioned a while back. Reckon he would take it no problem.
If they want him.my guess they will go after Kenny.


Be great to get Kenny and still have Dalo somehow involved.


Daly working with fortune?


Daly is giving up being the next Clare manager . I don’t see it . He hasn’t got the squad he had previously . The likelihood he would be less succcessful then previous


I don’t think so, when he took over last time we had done feck all at underage before. We gave a better run behind us now. I think he would have to spend a year or two getting them stronger physically, but it could be good.


All based on perhaps though . I can’t see him gambling . The likelihood it’s the manager in 3 years that will be in a good position


He took over in 2008? So he’d the 2005 & 2007 Leinster winning minor sides to work with.


There’s no chance that Daly or McGrath will be the next manager for Dublin unless money is calling hugely.

In Daly’s case it would have to be big cash offering to beat what limerick are giving him not to mention that his heart is still on the Clare job In a year or two when the current guys step down.

In Mcgrath’s case he must have already seen the future and a Waterford hammering in the next two games followed by a willing to give up his Waterford job and indeed his day job again for a four day four hour commute to be manager in a inferior hurling county

Can’t see it


There were rumours that Mcgrath might have a job in croke park or something - but could just be interweb makie uppy stuff.


What’s the odds on the next manager not being on that list?..


True - and they formed the basis of what he had. The next guy will have the minors of '11, '12 and '16 (and '17 who are good) and the U21s of '16 and a few decent enough teams in between. The 2007 minor team are only 28 now too, so should all still be there. Not world beating form - but plenty good enough to compete at top 6.


I think if it isn’t Daly, Fortune or Boland then he probably isn’t on the list.


Would be very interesting. Like who?


What about Kenny?


The 2007 team was the only minor team Fortune was over. Produced a lot of guys who went on to senior or become panellists.