Dublin hurling - where next?


Sadly my fear is they didn’t get back to that stage and we are back to sq1…


And which is class and which is brilliance? Gilroy or Kenny? :slight_smile:


Until I know who’s got the job, I’m saying nuffin!


Dana White giving a press conference in Donnycarney tomorrow


How many more times do you plan to make that joke? :joy:


Just make sure you don’t use one of Beeko’s puns twice!


Did hear something being announced tomorrow.
Although think we have all heard rumours along those lines over the last how many weeks!!


In fairness Cunningham’s shock departure probably caught the county board unprepared :expressionless:




In fairness the county board are always unprepared when it comes to hurling!


Slow to sack and even slower to appoint … FFS there was s 22 month window of preparation available m


Trying to guess most likely scenario for this delay, obviously there has been an objection to some part of the process by a member of county board.
Hard not to look at the handling of this as a fiasco at this stage.


And you are suprised in what way? :grinning:


Interesting that DJ plans to sit down with Cody and talk about any changes in style needed with under 21’s and make transition to senior more smooth! Our respective managers could learn from that straight after the new man is appointed to senior job!


No not surprised, seems par for the course .


You have to laugh really. When the full story of this comes out you will laugh!


Gilroy officially announced.



3 year term


Damn, now what will we talk about😂


Micky Whelan a selector???