Dublin hurling - where next?


‘Why teach them something they shouldn’t Do?’ Get a grip man! In relation to ‘two hands on the hurl’, yes it is inaccurate but the reason was presumably to get kids to bend their backs when picking a ball. In relation to ground hurling and pulling in the air, your certainty that these skills are irrelevant and gone for good, is an amusement to me. If you had your way, John Troy would not have been picked to play at all…John Fenton’s goal …or JBM’s…would never have happened. Absolute fucking nonsense.


I know fook all about coaching hurling but I’ve seen that in martial arts for years…the actual skill is complex so a basic (and ineffective) skill is taught as a supposed stepping stone towards the more advanced skill. The “stepping stone” is just a bad habit that will have to be unlearned later. Teach the skill that’s required from the start, even if it’s tough to learn. If the problem is that they’re not bending their back then tell them bend their back rather than telling them to put two hands on the hurl…or just give em a shorter hurl I guess :grin:


Of course they should be taught it, the most under used skill in the game. How many times have you seen goal chances wasted because the forward had to pick the ball up rather than pull first time on it and got caught?

Saying ground hurling and overhead pulling has no place in the game is ridiculous.

From a coaching perspective teaching ground hurling also teaches feet position and wrist work. Who in their right mind would not track kids ground hurling aside of the fact of th go game rules?

Nothing got to do with my username by the way :grinning:


How about 3? Genuinely now. That thought entered my head today with ODonnell at 6. Cian OCallaghan Rushe P SChutte. Moran ODonnell Barrett your back 6. Crummey up to 11 Whitley and Danny on the wings


Something else that doesn’t happen at speed - 7 year olds striking clean from the hand while running. Under 8 hurling is all ground ball in Dublin and correct to an extent in my view. But the mistake many clubs make is to focus solely on ground hurling for that year and in previous years. At U9 level, more clubs are starting to ignore the 50/50 Ground/Air hurling rule. Can’t recall was it 2014 or 2015 All Ireland Finall but there were just 5 ground strokes in the whole match.


You really are deluded. Examples of things that happened what 30 years ago?? The game has moved on massively


Would you stop it lads. When Giller is doing foxes and chickens with the lads next Saturday you can’t have them swinging their hurleys around with one hand. There will be endless amounts of tears and hurt feelings.


Are we any closer to a new manager? Anything on the agenda tonight?


Remind me not to get into the verbals with you bud!


a Kickhams head has nothing to fear from martial arts types :joy:


Valid argument . All inside forwards should be proficient on the ground on either side


After seeing O’Donnell at 6 on saturday I don’t think he could play there at a higher level as he’s too loose.


Was that tactical, as in did Whitehall not play a sweeper with the corner forward dropping back maybe to allow ODonnell play loose?


He is too loose in full back line as well. Fine hurler but marking his man is not his forte. Cian O’Callaghan is a far tighter full back.


What about O Donnell to midfield?


I’m trying to be patient with you, yet again. Reducing down the skills of the game is not a good idea and not necessarily synonymous with progress. ‘The game has moved on’…what does that mean? Lots of managers copying Cody, like sheep? Football moved on because of McGuinness and became a load of defensive shite in many counties. First time hurling is a joy to watch but gets bad press. The insinuation is that it’s random and uncontrolled but that depends on the skill levels of the players involved. Whoever on here called ground hurling ‘hockey’ knows absolutely nothing about the history of hurling.


No sweeper just a flat 15 but I thought he was very loose but wasn’t complaining about it :wink:


I’ve a lot of time for the lad. Think hes a top quality player in the making and a star off the field. He gives great time after games to sign kids autographs and take photos etc, as most of the lads do. Where he’ll end up seems to be debatable. Too loose for 6 maybe wing back or maybe sneakers is onto something with midfield?


Come out of the closet we all know your a ground hurler at heart.


Because I can’t lift the ball :joy: