Dublin hurling - where next?


Papers were pretty sure of it at the weekend, I’d say it’s a done deal that it will be Gilroy


Heard it will be announced today .

As said previously I hope to god the county board know what they are doing


Getting that feeling as well, maybe they think he is overqualified. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hope Giller and Cunningham have a serious coach in mind.


If it is giller will he start looking at he football team for some hurlers. Connolly an obvious one.
Would rory o Carroll be an option when he is back in the country.


Connolly would be mad to attempt a switch over. Can’t see it happening


A few people have said that now, why would giller be able to lure players from the best dublin football panel ever who are in with a shout of making history, to the hurlers. Certainly not anyone who is going to play regular football. Would hope he can get Mark Schutte back. That’s about it.


It’s only lads who can’t do it one handed that get roared at to use two!

The pitches are so bad in some public parks where juvenile matches are played that two handed pick ups are necessary. Either no grass on a concrete like surface, or grass too long as council couldn’t be bothered cutting the pitch before a match.


On the beer ?


Turn on the radio, I’m told there’s a press release coming soon.


And say a few prayers it’s Kenny before you turn on the radio!


We lost an u21 all ireland final cos of ‘‘2 hands’’


Before or after the Angelus ?


Before or after Christmas?


Tayto… In the gilroy set up is Cunningham not de coach ?


Lunchtime I believe


Is he a coach coach, i thought he was going to run the line as such but most of his success is with football teams isnt it, not sure if he’s a skills coach.


One thing we haven’t discussed here is the 21 management for the year. I think that’s just as important as we have a huge number of lads / talent there at present. That was a major stumbling block over the last couple of years.


Drawing kilkenny first round doesn’t help.


Last couple of years. Did we not get to all ireland semi in 2016? It was last year was the issue.


Yes for sure, but we need solid management there also from a “further development” point of view. And both groups need to be able to work seamlessly together.