Dublin hurling - where next?


Saw something in de Irish times that the unforeseen event was an unscheduled business trip by gilroy to Israel …


I hope you’re right Roger but I heard the opposite . At this stage I don’t know what to believe anymore


Gil Roy was down in vinnies this morning carrying a Hurley… Was trying to take a picture of it, but couldn’t manage it!


Was he holding it correctly


Just down watching his young lad :wink:


Yizzil be slaughtering a county board member and reading his entrails at this rate :joy:


Two hands on the hurl Giller! Two hands on the hurl! Now which is your pencil hand?


Good game it was too!


Gilroy in Parnell now anyway for SHC QFs


Kenny on the line for cuala, you know, managing a hurling team! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Any sign of other people involved or mentioned?


Cunningham was in parnell


Heading for the Johnny walkers now . Christ on a bike


Surely a done deal now


Odd that one of them wouldn’t have been out in O’Toole park.

Unless part of the management team was out there.


Hopefully the next coach of the Dublin team will get rid of these myths that are been rammed into kids heads who hurl in Dublin. “2 hands on the hurl” is bad advice. Does Joe Canning or any of the other players do everything with two hands on the hurl? Mostly it just breaks a players stride and balance forcing them to lift with two hands but it’s constantly heard at kids games, yet rarely if ever seen at the top level in adult.


I agree on the one handed thing. I think it needs to be coached. Far superior to 2 hands but it does look bad when incorrectly done.

However the next Dublin manager won’t impact that. Juvenile coaches across the city need to move away from their training manuals and teach kids the skills of the game as played by the games top players. The old roar of “2 hands on the hurl” as to be eased up on


Can’t be 100% on this,as I didn’t talk to him personally, but apparently Mattie was letting people know that he would not be the next Dublin manager.


Is this a wind up?
So Gilroy and Cunningham is deal done?


As I said, can’t be 100% on it but a couple of people said it to me in O’Toole Park.