Dublin Football 2018 League, Championship & O'Byrne Cup Stats


Dublin have used 34 players in 7 League games.Appearances+Subs for 2018 League Games
|Small, John|7|
|Byrne, David|6+1|
|Fenton, Brian|6+1|
|Macauley, Michael Darragh|6+1|
|Rock, Dean|6+1|
|Basquel, Colm|4+3|
|Cooper, Jonny|6|
|Howard, Brian|6|
|Kilkenny, Ciaran|6|
|McCarthy, James|6|
|Scully, Niall|6|
|McMahon, Phillly|4+2|
|Cluxton, Stephen|5 (3 Clean Sheets, 3 Conceded)|
|Fitzsimons, Michael|5|
|Andrews, Paddy|3+2|
|Lowndes, Eric|3+2|
|Daly, Darren|4|
|Mannion, Paul|3+1|
|McManamon, Kevin|3+1|
|Small, Paddy|1+4|
|Reddin, Ciaran|1+3|
|Costello, Cormac|1+2|
|O’Sullivan, Cian|1+2|
|O’Conghaile, Emmett|0+4|
|O’Gara, Eoghan|0+3|
|Carthy, Shane-St Vincents|2|
|Comerford, Evan|2 (1 Clean Sheet, 2 Conceded)|
|McGowan, Andrew|0+2|
|McHugh, Conor|0+2|
|Brogan, Bernard|1|
|Carthy, Shane-Naomh Mearnog|0+1|
|Connolly, Diarmuid|0+1|
|Murchan, Eoin|0+1|
|O’Shea, Cillian|0+1|

Dublin have scored 8-107 and conceded 5-84 in 7 League games. Scorers 2018 League Games

Rock, Dean 1-25
Kilkenny, Ciaran 2-16
Scully, Niall 2-8
Basquel, Colm 0-13
Fenton, Brian 1-9
Mannion, Paul 1-3
Andrews, Paddy 0-5
Howard, Brian 0-5
O’Gara, Eoghan 1-1
Costello, Cormac 0-3
McMahon, Philly 0-3
McManamon, Kevin 0-3
Small, Paddy 0-3
Cooper, Jonny 0-2
Small, John 0-2
Brogan, Bernard 0-1
Byrne, David 0-1
Lowndes, Eric 0-1
McCarthy, James 0-1
McHugh, Conor 0-1
Reddin, Ciaran 0-1


Lowndes, Costello, O Conghaile etc are being wasted here and should be hurling for Dublin.


You may have a point …


Is it possible to show minutes played by each player and what scores were from frees. If it’s a tedious task no bother.