Dublin Colleges Hurling 2016/17


Ye’d have been better off hurling Alan.


As the parent of a Colaiste Eoin pupil I’m very happy with the result. However it is an absolute joke that a match of this significance was played on an Astro surface. Wouldn’t happen in Kilkenny or Tipperary.


Better than playing in the swamp that is the state of most pitches at the moment


The adjacent grass pitches in Abbotstown are in fine condition at the moment!


With due respect to your school and further congratulations on your victory the game was meant to be played just before the October mid term. And we weren’t the ones who refused to play until this week.

Most finals seem to be played on Astro now. But you’d get a grass pitch quicker in October than you would now.


My remarks had nothing to do with the delay in getting the game played. I just don’t see why the most important school hurling final in a county would be played on Astro when, as noted by a poster above, the grass pitches in the same complex are in fine condition. Perhaps someone ‘in the know’ could let us have the reason why a grass pitch could not have been used.


Abbotstown are never going to let a schools game go ahead on grass during the day after all the rain we’ve had in the last few weeks when the astro is lying idle.

The Astro there is top class and one of the best in the country and is fine for hurling as it’s the latest generation and the artificial grass is long on it


Maybe the natural-grass pitches are more astronomical in cost to hire out.


Even DCU’s Astro would have been better then the Alfie byrne


From my limited experience, I found playing hurling on an artificial pitch no worse, and probably better, than a rock-hard, natural pitch during the summer.


School finals have been played on astro for the last 5/6 years- Alfie Byrne,St Brigids when I had someone involved. Alfie Byrne is the worst as there is limited viewing behind the high fences and only a few people are let onto the side of the pitch. Before, that , school finals used to be played in Parnell Park and were great occasions with lots of kids from the schools, with great singing and even a few flares!


Beeko is still wearing his … no-one ever told him.


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From my limited experience, I found playing hurling on an artificial pitch no worse, and probably better, than a rock-hard, natural pitch during the summer.
[/quote]That wasn’t hurling you were playing in the MO Mo :wink:


As i said. Much easier get a grass pitch in October than in early February. While the last two finals we won were played on Astro we train on grass and play mainly in Vinnies so grass would have been fine with us.

There were two groups. Ours finished on time. The Eoin/Eanna one didn’t and both school then went into hibernation while football took over. Then Eoin got a nice
tune up last week against Eanna while we went months without a game. It has been an issue with south side schools (not Eoin until this year and I was surprised they did hold things up) for years and has cost us in the past.

But if it was a grass pitch you wanted then October was the time.


Congrats to the senior hurlers of St. Fintans HS Sutton who have qualified for the Ireland ‘C’ final on March 18th in Thurles beating a team from Keady in Newry today, 4.13 to 2.10 :slight_smile: