Dublin Club Transfers


No - Smaller clubs need these lads - they bring the rest of the lads on.

Clubs can be fair and reluctantly give their blessing - like Dotsy going to ballyboden for a while.


Because the chap put in a transfer request you would rather he wasn’t allowed play football again? I disagree here.


Hi guys new to this and very interested in the debate

@sneakersotoole seem to have strong views on this. Have you been through this with your club?

Has he told the club to F OFF or is this just speculation.

Would love to hear both sides of the argument and see what the reasons for are.


Not strong views. Just find it a joke that players who were brought up in a club decide to turn their back on the place. It’s a complete lack of respect.


On the face of it that’s a fair point. But it also happens that guys fall out with clubs and managers etc and have a right to move. I know guys that have been treated badly by clubs and I know clubs that have been treated badly by players.


Floodgates would open if transfer embargo’s were lifted , ego of the player ego of the influential parent who suddenly sees his son as a protege , The belief rightly or wrongly that you have a better chance of progressing in the game if your with a big club , of course some lad will get shafted with this policy but the alternative is unthinkable


If club and player fall out and agree it’s best for both parties then I’d have issue with that. It’s the player who thinks they are too good for the club is the one that annoys me


Since when did Reddin play Hurling for Maurs…


Just be careful on the thread lads.


I seen 1or2 going to plunketts. You think they would have football in mind long term?


If anyone has list please pm please.


Ah Christ @Stato82 … not you too …


Whos Collie going to?


If anyone has a list of… only joking.

So are the club still going to block these transfer requests? There has never been an exodus like this before from a clubs first team has there? I mean there will be no hurling left in the club at this rate.


Heard a rumour that a north county Dublin fringe player( not reddin) from the past few years has put in a request to move to one of the big clubs? Any truth to that?


@DUB09 has a list there he can check it out for ye if you ask him


Debunked by @Rochey a while back


Playing hurling for Vinnies is the main reason for the transfer :grin:


Some good hurlers on that minor team


Would Parnells not be better off moving down a league or two and try keeping their players? Surely could go to div 4 or 5 with a mixture of 25 minors juniors seniors lads? Sad to see how that team has gone in the space of a few years.