Dublin Club Transfers


Just for information coiste na nog adjudicated on all transfers requests u8 - u16 and each club juvenile secretary has been notified. Loads of requests to put list on line but as it’s juveniles I won’t be doing that and anyone wondering about a juvenile transfer should contact the relevant club secretary.

As for adult transfers I don’t have any list so no point pm’ing me but as for @DUB09


Think the list of the transfers are out today. Just know of certain ones that are approved.


Thanks for that list @Liamo. I can’t access it though so can’t send on to anyone. Fair play I’m sure you can and will like the previous one. :+1:


@dub09 Go away on of that I see from the list you sent Ciaran Reddins transfer refused, only right too.

177 transfer requests 3 withdrawn 30 refused all rest gone through, biggest group 20 players gone from various clubs to Na Gaeil Óga, Máthair Dé.


Any of the parnells transfers to various clubs granted ?


All refused


Not all, 17 refused, 7 agreed. Approx


Be tight to field for every match with just 17 players in a squad taking into account holidays, injuries, lads who aren’t reliable etc


Any word who the 7 players that we’re agreed?


As the Mods would say, ask your club sec !!!

1 no response, one withdrawn etc.

2 to Vincent’s declined.


Na Gaeile Ogá have had a serious influx of players !

Wonder how many teams they plan on fielding


It’s a bit of a joke to be fair. There should be some sort of cap on how many transfers a club can take in between intercounty and within the same county.


I suppose NGO are an Irish speaking club there will always be a draw by some to them. They have a unique selling point unlike many other clubs.


Some other clubs have a unique buying point …


You also have to bear in mind , a lot of transfers are minors going back to their own clubs or players going to another club for minor . I think someone had said here before that Parnells had 1 or 2 who were transferring back to their own clubs so maybe they were some of the transfers allowed .

In relation to Na Gael Oga they’re incoming players are from a lot of different clubs and it’s not as if they’re decimating any particular club .


And I know, in some cases, they are transferring in players who haven’t played in years. Because of the changes in rules a few years ago they still need transfers! So that’s not impacting on the current clubs playing numbers at all.


Which was why I said “many”. Every club tries to promote itself in some way to outsiders, it could be the friendly welcome, facilities, tradition. All I am saying is the Irish language is a big draw since it is the only one in Dublin.


That went right over your head man.


Seeing it now :laughing:


Is the Lee Chin transfer to Crokes still going ahead ?