Dublin Club Transfers


So if Parnells fail to field in their first two games the players can leave, but do they have to join the club they originally put the request in for?


I think what he actually said was

Big difference in what you’re trying to allude to…


As I said before we asked for it not to go true. The club didn’t block it. It mite still go true we dnt even no. Lads wanted to transfer because there was no team there is the making of a gud team there most of us texted into the group saying we give it a go if we can only 3 people didn’t


Well the so called Parnells man said that it’s his opinion we will fold . He has Notting to do with the team who ever he is should change his user name


Go where they like afaik.


Wat I’m alluding to is nothin that has been said on this site mate


I agree he should change his name maybe 2 plunkettshurler


So will those three lads be granted there transfer


Maybe try read back on the thread, I don’t think anyone said the players should not turn up for the first couple of games, and knowing some of the players involved i doubt very much they would, mate.


I think you are incorrectly quoting me there, @LiamMac.


I did @beeko, it pulled your response in when quoting. Sorry pal.


Maybe if u read wat I wrote I said it was nothin tat was said on this site mate


I’m getting very sensitive in me old age!


No bother mate.


Its great that everyone on here are mates


would you ever fcuk off


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Those of us old enough to remember…



Not completely correct. If the club (the hurling affiliation of the club club as distinct from a team) fails to take part in championship this year then it ceases to exist. In that situation its players become free agents and can join (without transfer) any other club of their choosing. If any team from the hurling side of the club takes part in a championship this year all the players from the club are tied to that club at least until the next transfer season in December. Failure to take part in a league has nothing to do with it.