Dublin Club Transfers


Or that they still believe there’s a chance of keeping a club hurling team together that’s played since they’re kids.


I hope it works out.
Is it too late to approach local clubs without a hurling team and see if they have any lads that would like to play hurling with you? I’m out of the loop but there may be one or two lads in Monica’s wanting to hurl.


They have had meetings about staying togheter before they all handed in transfer requests if the club hadn’t blocked them they would have left


Same as parnellshurler, I hope to be proven wrong but I can see the team folding fairly soon into the season. My own view would be that it stemmed from having a decent team and leapfrogging into the SHC A where they ran some teams close and they may have bet one or 2 but ultimately when Rooney & Shore etc either couldn’t play or left, the rest of the team were found wanting. There were a good few Parnells lads on the regional teams when they were trialled but even the regional teams flopped. Dare I say a quick parachuting into to Senior A was ultimately the downfall.

A number of teams compete well and every so often make a breakthrough, same teams hover between Div 1 and 2 a lot, Crumlin, Barrs, Johns, Faughs, Lucan etc, better to be gaining competitiveness all the time rather than being way in over your head and it falls down around you.


So have all the transfers now been either accepted or rejected?
And if so, have club secretaries been issued with the list of transfers that have gone through?


It will be interesting to see how Crumlin fare out with losing the three lads to counsel. I’d imagine we will see Counsel shoot up the divisions if they can keep the lads injury free


Did Good Counsel/Liffey Gaels amalgamate or was it just a rumour?


Not sure on that one


Counsel / Liffey Gaels as far as I know are very close to full amalgamation but the hurlers have been playing together for past three years anyways. The 3 lads will make a massive difference and I hear there’s lads pulling out hurleys from all over the place who haven’t been seen in years lol. People in bigger clubs have no idea how much life it sucks out of clubs when players with huge ability leave to pursue a higher standard , whilst it is understandable in a lot of cases it great to see lads of their ability return . I played many moons ago and when Stephen Perkins left to go to Boden it also fast tracked some retirements in the squad and the team started on their slippery slope down the divisions.


Both clubs gave permission at AGM to set up framework but both now require EGM to ratify . They will function as a duel club up to that point.


I see Mark Gibbons from Liffey Gaels has transferred to Lucan.


I hope its hurling their playing? :rofl::rofl:


Stephen was a very good Hurler, a touch of class.


We as a team asked for the transfers to be blocked not the club. So dnt comment on something you no nothing about


We parnells as a team asked for the transfer s to be blocked not the club.


Parnell s the team are different from the club? Off to a good start there so!!


Fair play. So what if lads want to actually transfer will yous be stopping them.


Oh I no a lot more than u think Why would a parnells hurling man say the players should not turn up for the first 2 matches so they can’t field a team therefore they will get there transfers why would he say tat if it wasn’t the club who blocked them hopefully it works out for yesbest of luck.


Surely if they didnt field in the 1st 2 games they cant still transfer? Would have to wait until next yr I’d imagine


No. If a player doesn’t play and a team collapses or fails to field for the first two games they may move to another club. If they play at all they must wait out a year and seek a transfer again. Which the club can reject again. Slightly daft.