Dublin Club Transfers


Declining them could end up be the worse thing they do watever chance ye have of gettin lads back in a year or two could be gone if it turns nasty


If it’s turned down will the lads play for parnells and try field for the season do you think?


that Makes no sense . They could pick up who they wanted . It still wouldn’t be otooles if they amalgamated


I see what you mean now. You are right. I thought the approach by Parnells was on different terms. It’s a horrible mess and hard to see any real long term winners from it all.


isn’t this were most what look like sensible amalgamations fall down, what name the club takes on.

OTooles are a very old club with massive tradition, Parnells are around a long time as well. it is understandable why both want to keep name. They would have some facilities if they joined up!!

To be frank Trinity Gaels, Inisfails, O’Tooles pitches are only a few pucks of a ball away from each other and Parnells just down the road. add in craobh’s pitch on the N32!! An amalgamation or 2 would make sense


There is serious work going on behind the scenes at OTooles with juvenile and this year for adult hurling and football. no mgt team last year for hurling for most of the year. This year, mgt in place for both senior teams and junior. How successful they will be on the field is another matter. But they are definitely working hard to stop the slide.


Does anyone know what date regrading forms would usually be sent back by?


5 p.m. on January 21st.




If anyone has the list any chance of sending it on would be much appreciated




Football thread list locked :worried:
Anyone have the transfer list of potential hurlers who are currently playing football.?

(No I don’t want it).


Could some one send the list please


So any updates on any transfers that have gone trough or some that are been appealed or declined completely.


looks like Parnells have the band back together again which is good. Hopefully they can keep it going now.


Fair play so none of there transfers are going ahead so that’s good for there club to keep it going.


If sense has prevailed and Parnells have got their act together then it’s a good thing , club need to back players and coaches, in turn players need to give commitment


Never saw a list so not sure if they were ever submitted but just looking at social media tonight they seemed to be training away with good numbers


That was Craobh using Parnells pitch


Nothing but respect for them they handed in transfers everyone of them the only reason they are tryin to make it work is because there transfers were blocked by the club.