Dublin Club Transfers


A grenade? Ill delete my posts so. Some drama queens in here as the man says.


You’re casting aspersions on the club and then swanning off - no?


Tiger came to Erins Isle to play a round of pitch and putt last week


Was Vialli with him?


No. O tooles wanted to keep their name and colours. Plus more importantly, they have two adult hurling teams.


No he isn’t in the best of health


100% agree on that point. Everything possible should be done to keep a team going. If it meant dropping down to perhaps div 4 or 5. Will do no good in a club not to have an adult hurling team.


Apologies - I was being sarcastic so you definitely don’t agree with me. I trust @parnellshurler as the oracle on this.


If you are young enough take an underage team and bring them through and you’ll eventually get to play with them…


Yeah when you think of it Parnells has some cheek . They approached otooles last year I think . ‘Eh I know you are in the A championship and division 1 and have 2 adult hurling teams but why not amalgamate change your clubs name and jersey’


I think o’tooles mite regret the decision not to do it they could be in a similar position in a couple of years.


With Parnells having no hurling section now it probably works out better for them


Fully agree.


The clubs are 2km apart, hardly operating in a different world to one another. Neither is flush with Hurlers right now or a large population / catchment area as both are mature/ageing suburbs. It wasn’t that long ago that O’Toole’s were advertising on Social Media for Hurlers. Time will tell anyway.


Otooles have 2 adult teams I think . Senior A . Why wud they throw there club away now ?

It’s only the final throw of the dice to keep whatever’s left off your club alive. They aren’t in that situation now


Are you staying involved in Parnells urself with the underage hurling?


No harm in exploring ideas and potential opportunities. The odd thing about mergers is that it’s usually the past traditions (name of club and colors of jersey etc) that get in the way of future opportunities (ie. Kids in both catchement area playing the game).


FairPlay :+1:t2:


Nothing to do with throwing a club away. All I am saying is they had a chance to pick up a lot of local players (Parnells Clubhouse is 2km away from their own) who I am sure would have happily worn the O’Toole’s colours. In November 2016 O’Toole’s were advertising on Social Media for Hurlers so I doubt a whole lot has changed since then.


Can you see the transfers been granted or all be declined.