Dublin Club Transfers


Seems strange that there is so many clubs involved with parnells transfers , otooles Ciaran’s setanta Plunketts raheny kevins nafianna finians. I know if my club hurling went bust the core group would try stick together. Quite possibly suggests the stem of the problem or would this be the norm?

Otooles and Ciaran’s getting a much needed boost for 2019, otooles especially as Ciaran’s are producing some excellent underage players recently.


Hope it works out for ye. That team, even with a few “characters” were well fit to hurl and a testament to the work Jimmy and Murph put in when they were underage.


As you said the lads have tried ta keep it goin so it would be harsh for the club to stop them leaving and have them miss out on another year hurling especially some of the older lads I’m sure they wanna be playing as much as they can.


Thought this sitting out for a year rule was done away with???


Can understand their logic and upset seeing they watched most of these lads develop from U8 upwards.


Did he play with Parnells from underage?


Fair play to him. Seems committed.


Speaks volumes that all these Parnell players are heading off to so many different clubs. The ones going to plunketts are going there because of the manager.


Who’s managing Plunketts this year?


Are you reckoning on “inducements”?


Derek Brennan is over plunketts


It looks like O’Toole’s missed a great chance to get the bulk of the Parnells players through that merger that they decided wasn’t for them last year.


Does he have a connection to Parnells or has he managed these players that are goin cause of the manager?


He previously managed Parnells up until 2017


Is Brennan from Plunketts or elsewhere?


He’s definitely been around a lot


I am lost with the Tiger Woods part to be honest


Who did Phil Mickelson go to? Anyone got the list?


Huge lack of loyalty here … not staying in a club that would have no team next year …


I’ll take the word of @parnellshurler … however it’s not my problem as the man says … after lobbing in a grenade …